When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


5. Evacuation

Chapter 5

                      The Truth Hurts

We go back in to the past 3years the girls are only 12 its 1944 and unexpecting times lie ahead. They were calmly perched at the table chatting away when their mother Lucy appears looking solemn and heartbroken. Both girls look around with astonished faces, they knew something was wrong and they certainly did not like it. All of a sudden Lucy start to weep dramatically holding back whimpers with much effort she stammered “Molly Listen you to Laura this is important.”

“Mum what’s wrong? What is it?” queried Laura

The only response was a shake of the head then continues of what she started." As you know the war murders many people and I never want that to happen to you so I have made a decision.” Before she could continue Molly and Laura had figured out what she was talking about.

No! Please mum you said you wouldn’t. You promised!” cried Molly

“We can’t go. We have to be here.” Laura shrieked.

Both the girls had been forced to pack there bags so they could join the crowds of children on that crowded bus to an anonymous destination. However neither of the girls had any idea to pack a single belonging because their minds were bursting with grief and heartbreak Molly lifted her head of her sodden pillow and glanced around the room then reluctantly reached for her bag she glanced and the label and it read,

Name: Molly Wright

Age: 12

Destination: Cornwall Station

Approximate length of stay: 2 years

“2 years! She’s sending us off for 2 years!” She shrieked. After that the tears of grief and sorrow that were shed could have filled the entire ocean without effort. But bags had to be packed and belongings stowed away and before they knew it the time to be evacuated had arrived.


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