When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


10. Back to 1947

A loud, brisk clanging came from the corridors making everyone jump in fright. Laura’s head snapped around dazed. Everyone slowly turned their heads towards the girls with a horrified expression printed on their faces.

“Right everyone you can go.” the teacher stammered recovering from shock “Laura you can finish your… story after break.”

People started to wander out of the classroom into the daylight confused by what had just happened. Did they really just her that or was it a dream? Surely something that horrible could never happen. And that was only part 1. Laura stayed paralysed at the front of the classroom, the pity of the eyes pricking her like knives. Molly shakily rose from her seat and walked towards Laura cautiously. She laid her hand on Laura’s quivering shoulder and led her from the classroom gently as though she were gravely ill. The teacher considered having a quiet word with Laura but by the look of the girl’s expressionless, stony face it would be like talking to a brick wall. Underneath all that quietness she had never expected to hear what she just had. When Laura had said big project about the war she had suspected something about her father. Not this. Glancing at Mrs Portman she realised that she was in bigger shock then anyone. Her eyes still seemed glazed over and her mouth was wide open. Rolling her eyes the teacher went to get a cup of tea. Hopefully Miss Portman would not think this happened every day at Copper Field Grammar. Did all of her students live lives like these? She quickly concluded that even if they did she didn’t want to find out. Show and Tell had become... interesting enough it seemed.

Molly sat Laura down on one of the toilet seats and poured her a glass of water.

“You ok Laura?” She whispered stroking her hair

“You wrote that stuff didn’t you. That bit about Maria. Why didn’t you tell me Molly?” Laura’s eyes looked hurt

“I promised and up till now it hurt too much to say. I’m sorry.” Laura shook her head a little in disbelief.

“But then... Oh Molly my head hurts!”

“Shhh’ Molly stopped her “Save it for this afternoon ok?”

“Yea” She smiled wearily.

“Molly what are we going to do from now on. Schools never going to be the same when they realised what happened and what we did. Roxanne…”

“Is now going to be terrified of you. It will be ok Laura. I promise.”  She took he hand and led her out of the toilets. They were about to go outside when a boy stopped them.

“Hey Laura, just wanted to say wow. That was amazing!” Laura stood gaping. No boy had ever talked to her unless completely necessary. Seeing an opportune moment Molly backed into the toilets. Laura was still gazing at the boy, who was this, why did it seem that she could remember him and why did he want to talk to her?

“Thanks.” She whispered still awed,

“I’m Eric. I’m New. I thought that story you thought up was brilliant. It’s really like the story my dad would tell me”

“It wasn’t made up. That all really happened.” Eric’s eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and for some strange reason all of a sudden it was like he saw Laura in a new light. It was now his turn to stare. Laura smirked. He was cute. Very cute. Black hair that flopped over his eyes. They were a silver colour that shined in the light.

“I know it seems unreal but it is. I was awfully embarrassed reading it,” She felt her cheeks going red and immediately kicked herself for saying it.

“You mustn’t think that. You’re a really great person Laura you know that.” Laura shook her head at the boy’s stupid ness,

“You must have got the wrong girl. I am anything but amazing. I’m weak, cowardly; I can never stand up for myself in the slightest. You must be talking about my sister Molly. She’s braver and more confident then me. Roxanne says…” Eric gripped her hands and quickly shushed her,

“I heard what she said this morning and she is so wrong Laura. You’re clever, brave and…”


“Well you’re very well… pretty.” He hung his head. Laura was amazed. No boy had ever called her pretty. Never. She felt that somewhere deep inside her a feeling was becoming very much real. A feeling that until then had been hidden deep inside her.

“Eric…” She didn’t know what to say. He leaned forward and in her mind Laura’s brain was thinking is he going to do it? Is he going to kiss me? Just when his face was inches from hers the bell rang signalling lessons. Eric sprang back letting go of Laura’s hands.

“I…” he stuttered, Laura stopped him.

“It’s time for lessons. Come on.” She turned and walked off not trusting herself enough to look back. Looked like love would just have to be put on hold for a while because no matter how hard she thought about it, the next lesson was more important than a boy even if it was Eric.

Back in the classroom Laura stood at the front feeling the staring eyes as people filed into the classroom. Everyone had secretly been looking forward to the second part of the tale. Except the girl who entered next. Seeing no teacher Roxanne stormed up to Molly and took by the collar,

“You think you can get back at me for hurting your pathetic sister by going on at me about your stinking boyfriend who I might remind you is dead! How dare you try to humiliate me.” Molly looked up at her with steely eyes not blinking, not even when Roxanne raised her hand ready to slap,

“Don’t you dare!” A voice came from behind her. To her amazement Roxanne turned to see Laura standing there with clenched fists looking ready to fight. Roxanne laughed at the sight.

“Did you seriously think that you could stand up to me? Laura? The girl with no friends, no looks to speak of. Hah! As if!” She laughed again but quickly stopped when Eric came from the crowds and took Laura’s hand.

“For your information you are so wrong and as for no friends well…” He didn’t need to say any more for all of a sudden it seemed like everyone had broken through a barrier. One by one people would stand behind Laura firmly taking her side. With a face like stone Roxanne dropped Molly like hot coal and stepped backwards hastily.

“Fine have it your way but your all idiots!” Laura didn’t flinch or look scared but instead said in a very calm tone

“You know something? I used to think that you had good in you Roxanne. Even though everyone disagreed with me I still had faith in you. Now? You remind me of Maria’s father. Cold hearted and a coward.” Roxanne stepped back more, shocked by the insult, it appeared as if she had been slapped in the face, still dazed she completely retreated into her seat. At that point the teacher and Mrs Portman appeared and everyone acted like nothing had happened. Laura took her place at the front of the room and opened the book once more. As she started to read she let her gaze drop at Eric who was staring at her in such a way it made her glow. Molly beamed at her with pride but when she let her eyes drop on Roxanne she did not see anger or even revenge in Roxanne’s eyes. She saw guilt.


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