how could this happen

how could this happen i cant i like them i just cant why is this happening to me i cant like one direction but i like them girrr and the worst part is i in love with one of them why?


2. The Day in Hell

Alice P.O.V

So today, I have work. Some people kill me. When I walked into Ball Pit Land, all I saw is One Direction stuff. It's most likely for a party.

My eyes started to burn from seeing it all. I went into the back to clock in, but I was stopped when I heard little girls screaming their heads off, but I ignored it. I really didn't care, so I clocked in, and walked back out.

I saw that all the little girls were gathered around in a big circle. What's that about? I couldn't see what they were crowding, until I heard someone yell.


I saw through the girls, to find some teenage boys being tackled by the girls.

One of them jumped into the ball pit as he yelled,

"Never fear Louis!" He then tried to help the one who was being tackled; which was pretty funny, I have to admit. . . 

 Then my boss came. Great. 

"Alice, can you 'restrain' that little girl who is tackling them?" He sighed. 

I nodded curtly, and used one of the best plans to round up children that I had learned while working here.

"Cake time!" I yelled.

All of the girls ran over to where I was. I just pointed towrds the party room where their parents were sitting. They were oblivious to the whole scene that was going on.

This is going to be one long of a day. . . My phone began to ring, so I answered it.  It was my friend, Mardi.

"Hey." I said into the phone speaker.

"Hi, Alice, do you think I can come to Ball Pit Land to. . .ya know, hang out?" she said.

"While I'm at work? Sure!" I was more than happy to have someone I'm friends with come here.

"Be there in a few." She said as she hung up.

 I walked over to the ball pit,  but all the balls were scattered. 

"Please help me!" One of the boys from earlier said. He was lying in the bottom of the ball pit.

Another boy grabbed his torso and began to drag him out. Then he fainted. Yep, that's right, fainted.

"I think he needs CPR!" said the boy dragging him.

I was stunned. "I'm sorry, but I don't know CPR. . ."

I began to walk away, but he grabbed my leg. Creeper. . .

"Please help us! Please!"

I nodded and quickly dialed 911. The ambulance arrived, in no time, and the boy was taken to the hospital.

Mardi walked through the door after they left.

"Guess what I have?" she squealed.

"What?" I said.

"I got us tickets to Sleeping with Serine!"

"Omg!" I couldn't contain my excitment.

. . .

We had sat talking while others people had their parties and visits. Once it was closing time, I cleaned up and went into the back once more to clock out. We walked to the front, where I locked the doors, and finally went back home.

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