First Day

What happens when 18 year old Halie finds a boy face down in the ocean.


2. Chapter 2

" Ok so here's a walkie talkie if you need any assistance. Put your stuff in the locker and Julia has the back pack with bandages and stuff like that, ok!" Reynolds said slightly blushing at Julia's name. I went over to my locker and I put my bag and wallet in it. I grabbed tanning spray and threw it to Julia. I put my toms in my locker and shut it.

" Halie your boats ready, I hope you have fun, oh and we can talk on line 24 nobody is using it today." my friend Lydia said holding hands with Will. Will is pretty much a lighter version Taylor Lautner with Harry Styles dimples and smile.

" bye babe, I got first watch." Will said while kissing Lydia's cheek. They are so adorable. Matthew came running up and said something about Kenzie and Tom leaving with his car, but I was just staring at his abs. I was actually looking at him. His sandy blond hair buzz cut short. His lightly sun kissed skin. His bright sea green eyes. His large manly hands holding his black ray bands. His-

-" Halie lets go and stop staring at the now gone Matthew." Julia said while laughing. I punched her lightly. We walked off the pool area and walked down to the beach.

" Halie, Julia over here!" Matthew yelled now wearing a shirt, good. Now I won't daydream and creep him out more than I already have.

" Hey Matthew, what's the stats?" I ask.

" About baseball, basketball or our job." Julia starts laughing hysterically.

" Our job retard"

" Oh ok, so there is the perfect wind if we want to put up the sails but it's a little hard to control and there is a sandbar about 3 miles out and about 5 boys have found it and they have a boat."

" Ok so no sails but do we need to tell the boys to go a little closer to shore if they want to swim."

" No they have a boat but we do need to go out there and make sure that they have life vests."

" Alright." Julia climbed up on board and took off the back pack. I was about to hop on the boat when Matthew holds out his hand to help me up. I grab it and climb on the boat as Matthew hops down to push the boat in the water the rest of the way. When Matthew got back on the boat I asked him why he helped me up.

" Well for most people, the first time getting on a boat is kinda hard." Matthew said looking kind of embarrassed.

" What makes you think that I've never been on a boat before?" I ask before walking away and winking at Julia. I had a giant smile on my face. I put my hair up into a messy bun on top of my head. I started the engine and we were off. We had to go out 3 miles to the sandbar. When we got there, there were no boys just a paddle board and an oar.

" I'm going to go get the board." I said while I jumped out.

" careful, don't wanna ruin your beautiful face" Matthew said clearly joking.

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