First Day

What happens when 18 year old Halie finds a boy face down in the ocean.


1. Chapter 1

" Hallie, get up Hallie." Somebody whispers next to me. It sounds like a girl.

" Oh for Peet's sake!" A guy yells. He sounds like he's a ways away. I hear foot steps stomping, coming into my bedroom.

" I wouldn't do that if I were you." Another man yells. I feel tugging a the covers on my bed.

" No" I whisper, dragging out the 'O'.  Someone pulls of the covers on my bed. The cold hits me and I scream.

" You monster!" I yell with out even opening my eyes.

" See I told you not to do that." Who's voice is that? Why do I feel like this is someone I know? That's Matthew's voice. My eyes shoot open.

" Thank you Matthew, at least someone in here is nice." I say. I look around the room. Matthew is over by the door wearing red swim trunks and a red shirt that says 'Life Guard'. I look by the end of my bed only to see Tom, holding the covers on my bed. I give Tom the death stare that I am famous for giving teachers at my school.

" Ouch Halie, I whispered to you to get up and now your calling me mean, ouch." I look over at the speaker, it's Julia!

" Julius Caesar! Oh umm... I didn't mean you I meant that to the boys in my room" I said, oops I didn't mean to call Julia mean. Well, she did wake me up and I don't like to be woken up. Julia was wearing the same thing as Matthew but her shorts were much shorter. Someone from the corner threw me a pile of clothes.

" Well, you've got a long day a head of you my dear bestie, today you have boat duty with Matthew and Julia." I look over to the corner and see my best friend Kenzie staring  at me with those crystal blue eyes that she has. The cool, or threatening, thing about her eyes is that when she is joking around and being kind, like she is today, her eyes are warm and remind you of the bahamas, but when she is angry, her eyes are cold and remind you that Kenzie could probably kill you with 4 punches.

" Kenzie!" I jump out of bed and give her and Julia hugs. Kenzie says that she has to go finish setting up the party for tonight. Sadly, I can't go because my boss wouldn't let me off night watch at the pool. I usher the boys out of my room and tell the girls to go to the bathroom so I can still talk to them. I take the clothes that Kenz gave me an held them up to look at them. I had a red one piece, a red square tee shirt that said 'LIFE GUARD', and red Nike Fit shorts.

" Kenz, what's with the new one piece?" I ask while putting it on.

" New standard issue" Julia said while roaring of laughter.

" Really, why don't I just wear my bikini and test that huh." I started laughing my self. I knew that Julia wasn't joking about new issue suits, but why she was laughing, I had no clue. It was probably because she said the same thing to Kenzie. I went over to my drawers to pull out my whistle. I put on my shirt and shorts and I opened the bathroom door.

"How do I look?" I asked, joking of course.

" Really, you look surprisingly good right know. I think it's your legs, the shorts fit them loosely." Kenzie said nodding her head. I went over to my closet and pulled out my rainbows and a drawstring bag. I put my favorite white cutoffs and a pretty tan flowy shirt in the bag. I also grabbed my navy toms and braided belt.

" You might wanna take some jeans and heels for the party" Julia said looking down.

" She's not gonna let me off work" I say slightly yelling making Julia flinch. I immedianly say sorry I didn't mean to yell.

" Well your boss won't but he might" Kenz says making Julia look back down but this time she's blushing a smiling. By 'She' we mean my boss and by 'He' we mean her son Reynolds. He is best friends with Tom and Matthew. He likes Julia and has since 7th grade but we never told Julia who of course liked him too. Now that we're in 11th grade they still like each other. Reynolds only hired me beacuse of Julia and Matthew.  I grabbed white jeans and nude pumps to match my shirt. I open the door to the hallway but instead of the hallway I see Matthew and Tom leaning into where the door was. Matthew just about falls over but Tom pulls him back.

" Don't even try, the doors up here are sound proof" I say winking at Tom. We all share one house. The girls have the upstairs and the boys have the basement. The mainfloor is kind of like the lobby, we meet up there to eat and watch Tv together. There is also a pool that is half indoors and half out doors in the basement so the boys claim that they own it but really us girls use it more.

" All set to go gorgus?" Matthew said at me winking. Ughhh why did he have to be so cute. It drives me nuts knowing that he liked me last year but sadly he got over me.

" Yep lets go!" I said, today would be my first time being on boat duty. All you really had to do was go out 5 miles and make sure that nobody was out too far or nothing bad was happening on boats out that far. Pretty simple if you ask me and it's more fun than sitting by a pool. Me, Kenz and Julia piled into my red Jeep Wrangler. I turned on the radio just as Starships came on. I turned up the base on my speakers. Unlike Matthews car, mine had Bose Specitaly Speakers in it. I started singing ' Lets go to the beach each let's go get away' and left the garage.

-ps. If u don't kno what a square tee shirt is, it's the style of a school shirt or a camp tee shirt. It's kinda like how a little kid would draw a shirt.-

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