Her life: Childs Play

Crime scene investigator/ police man Jacob (Jake) is having a normal day in the lab.
until he is given the ID file of a prolific torturer/murderer, life will never be completely normal again...


3. The Big Case.

I pull up to the curb pretty much on top of the destination, where is it? I pick up the radio to tell the other two cars to quit looking for a back entrance when something catches my eye, putting the radio down I undo the car belt and press my face into the glass to see better.

"What on earth is that?" On the floor just a few meters from the car is a small silvery looking object, it's partially hidden under something that I am guessing is a leaf.

I climb out of the car and walk over to it, the thing covering it is not a leaf but my wallet which I had lost a few days ago. I know it's my wallet because it has a picture of my children tucked into it. I pick it up and then turn my attention to the shiny thing on the floor, it looks like a locket with a key attached to the chain. I pick it up and look at it for a second, that's when I notice the key has a door number on it. 235. I look straight up past the locket to the house in the corner of a small narrow side passage, the house that looks so kind outside.

I rush to the car and pull the door open with such force I'm scared the door will come off, but it doesn't. I grab the radio and press the buzzer I must have been talking really fast because at first I just keep getting feedback, I slow down and take a few deep breaths.

"Calm down Jake your being over dramatic!" I try again.

"Boys come back round the front, I found the house!"

"Okay Jake. Be there soon mate" By the time Mark had finished speaking I was already out of the car with the boot open and my kit box on show.

Upon opening the box I have to check the contents.

Finger print kit:

-Print powders (all the different types)


-UV light


-A camera

-Finger print lifting cards

-Liquid superglue

Microscope kit:


-slide set up kit (cover slips, aqueous mountant and some prepared slides)

-The microscope itself

General kit:



Police badge

-Gun licence (bad idea to forget this REMEMBER...)

I look at the last item on this list and shake my head, when I looked up I saw Mark. I lift the case with all my kit out of the boot and slam it shut, Mark is laughing, he has been laughing for a while too.

I have the torch between my teeth as I reload the pistol for the first time this week, Mark has his in his hand and the torch strapped to it with duck tape.

"Oi. Useless. Quit laughin' and 'elp me out!" I am realizing that speaking with a torch wedged between your teeth is a pretty difficult task.

"Me, useless? Yeah right mate!" Mark stops laughing and looks around. "So wheres the house?" I turn round and point to the house behind me.

"There. That's the house. I think it looks fine though." I take a step toward it and then stop and put the case on the ground.

"What did boss say? I mean it can't be that bad, can it?" he walks up to me and looks at the house uncertainly.

"He said some one was dead possibly two people and there was screaming." I must look very proud as Mark is looking a little stand-off-ish.

I yank at his hair gently so he doesn't notice then really hard, he pulls away rubbing his head and laughing.

"Hey what did I do?" He is looking really confused.

"I dunno?" He begins to walk towards the house just as his radio begins to crackle.

A voice yells through. "MARK! Come in Mark!"

"Yeah sir. Whats up?"

“Where are you? I told you to stay here!”

Mark suddenly goes the deepest shade of red I’ve ever seen and he looks like all he wants is to be somewhere else.

“Oh dear, Markey’s been a naughty boy and now he has to go home” I start laughing and pick up my case, he just stands there watching me.

"Ha ha ha... You're soooo funny..." He's laughing now but I just stick my tongue out at him.

"So you're supposed to be going... So you know off you go." I point to his car smiling.

He starts to laugh at me again. "Oh am I?"

I look at him he's still laughing. "What?... I mean yeah... You are."

"Okay then Jake"

"Okay what?"

"Oh nothing. I just have to take the team with me though okay" Mark had stopped laughing and was now checking the time on his phone.

"Huh, why's that?" I run a hand through my hair and watch while he checked his phone.

"Because Jake, we might be needed... You know for something... Important" With that sentence he turned to the team laughing, they joined him in laughing.

"“Oh... Okay well... If I find anything, I guess I’ll just...-“

“You’ll radio boss. Yes I know you will.” With that he turns and starts to walk away.

I start to curse him under my breath. I hate it when Mark starts to act like his job is better just because he is a higher rank than me, I mean jeez I get that he’s a higher rank, he does not have to boss me around to prove it... Just because he’s my brother!

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