Her life: Childs Play

Crime scene investigator/ police man Jacob (Jake) is having a normal day in the lab.
until he is given the ID file of a prolific torturer/murderer, life will never be completely normal again...


2. Research Begins.

8.00 AM:

I stand up for the first time in 5 hours stretching and yawning from a long nights researching, the one thing on my mind right now is food.

"Food" I fumble through my drawer looking for something edible but my search is fruitless.

"Food? There is a vending machine this way." I look up to see Katie looking fully awake as she giggles at me.

"Vending machine? Whats that?"

"Not fully awake are we? A vending machine sells food sweetie" She is talking to me as though I am a baby but I just keep staring at her.

"Come on big boy follow Katie and we will get some food" She is giggling again and signalling for me to follow her out the office, I follow her willingly if not for the food but for the fact it's Katie.

10.00 AM:

Finally I have eaten and now I have regained my consciousness  I'm also back to my research. So far I have found that the Gasconi brothers David and Marco have murdered 10 people stolen from some of the largest names in the world and are already on the run from the Dallas police force.

"Hows the work going babe?"

"Good thanks, although that vending machine didn't sell tea" She giggles and takes the hint walking over to the tea and coffee dispenser where she gets the hot water, tea bag and four sugars separately and then turning away she mixes them up.

"There you go steaming hot just how you like it" She winks and walks off.

I sip the tea... "Perfect, how come when I do exactly the same thing it doesn't taste like this" I look over to her shes got her head in a book about toxicology, as usual, and probably won't look up for at least half an hour.

I pick up the Gasconi files again and start to flick through the information when I see a particularly familiar case name, Jenna and Jamie Jackman, that's when it hit me... the Gasconi brothers had killed my children when I first got into the job, I had found the case so hard that they pulled me off halfway through.

"Babe... are you ok, you look a little... shocked." I  notice Katie has been watching me for a few moments now.

"Yeah... I'm fine it's just... nothing" I go to close the file but Katie who is now stood by my side puts her hand in and reads. 

"Jenna and Jamie Jackman, wait are they...?"

"My kids... you couldn't have known but yeah they were..."

"Oh yes sorry... Jenna and Jamie Jackman found dead in the family living room by there 20 year old father Jacob who incidentally was a forensic pathologist" 

11:00 AM

I have had the whole of my children's case file read to me and gone through six cups of tea as well as a hot chocolate, now I am ravaging through my desk for the apple Katie got, she says it's best for me to balance my diet so I stay fit.

"This what your looking for big boy?" The look in her eyes is teasing and I can't compete with it!

"Yeah it is thanks" I go to grab it, she moves it out of my reach, if I was stood up this would be all to easy for me but sat here I was helpless. "Please Katie..." I smile at her hoping to make her see that I'm just a helpless boy, she giggles and chucks the apple to me.

"Go on then have it" I stand up to get my USB out of my bag which is hung by the door,  Katie immediately sits in my chair and types my log into the bar.

"You shouldn't know my pass!! Its s'posed to be a secret." I stand behind her as she re-adjusts herself and puts the keyboard on her lap, sticking the USB in I pull the other chair over and sit on it watching her as she types away into Google.

"Not very secret though is it?" She giggles and continues typing.

"There read this and get on with your work now" On the screen is an online web-a-thon about the Gasconi Brothers.

3:00 PM

I was just flicking through the case files again when the alarm goes of, another case! I jump up and lock the computer, Katie is sat reading again.

"Bye babe, d'ya mind if I borrow the computer while your gone?" She isn't really going to listen and is already moving to the computer, I won't be able to change her mind now.

"Yeah go ahead, I don't mind." She is she is already logging into the computer and is on Facebook looking at my account.

"See you then, don't be long though" She is smiling at me now, watching me get ready. I don't get why but she loves it when I get ready, I think it excites her.

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