Her life: Childs Play

Crime scene investigator/ police man Jacob (Jake) is having a normal day in the lab.
until he is given the ID file of a prolific torturer/murderer, life will never be completely normal again...


1. Just another day in the lab.

I sat down at my desk and scanned it carefully, I saw my laptop, my files, my pot full of pens, my large pile of papers and my steaming cup of tea waiting for me on the right side of the Files, perfect.

"Morning Jacob"

"Ahhh good morning Katie" I sipped the tea smiling at her.

"Is your tea good Jake?" she giggled as she sat on the other small chair to my immediate left.

"Perfect as usual" I took another sip of the tea.

"Good, I alphabetically ordered your files for you" She was beaming, obviously proud of herself.

"Thank you, I almost forgot to do that"

Suddenly big boss walks in with a large heavy looking folder in his hands, he puts it down on the desk and sighs deeply.

"Jacob, I have decided on something very important. The board and I have decided that with your knowledge and skill you would be perfect for catching the Gasconi brothers!"

"Me! why me?"

"You're the best we have! Also the Gasconi brothers are really dangerous"

"Dangerous. Why am I being put on this case then?" Katie giggles a bit.

"We need you knowledge and skill, like I just said"

"Oh yes you did say that."

With that he walks out of my office with Jane Goodwoodie at his heels.

Katie giggled some more and looked at me in a way that only ment one thing, she was proud of me and my achievements.

"Cool huh?" I pointed at the files as I spoke "Me getting such a big case, this is bound to get me up the ranks!"

"Oh yes of course it's cool" Giggling Katie stood up and walked behind my chair so she could lean over and rest on my head and shoulders as she watched me work and spoke to me.

Yes today is perfect.

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