Her life: Childs Play

Crime scene investigator/ police man Jacob (Jake) is having a normal day in the lab.
until he is given the ID file of a prolific torturer/murderer, life will never be completely normal again...


5. Finding Horror.

Boss follows me through the gate. The team come into the back garden, they all move into positions that secure the area so no one can get in or out without someone knowing. Boss tells them to look for signs of a struggle, forced entry or anything that could help me with my case file.

"Jake. Are you going in alone?" He looks slightly worried.

"Umm, yeah I will go alone boss." He nods and I walk toward the house. I look around for an entry way, that's when I notice the garage door is open.

"Boss this door is open." Boss walks over to it and holds up his pistol.

"Go on. I got you covered." He smiles and I walk in to the garage. It's empty in here. I walk towards the side door towards the house itself.

I shove the door open and walk through into the kitchen. Someone had been cooking. I turn off the cooker and put my hand just over it, it had been on for at least 20 minutes.

"Hello? Anybody there?" I call towards the ceiling. That's where I had seen the blood. Nothing. Then I hear a high pitched scream for help coming from the front on the top floor.

Eventually I hear a little girls voice.

"Yes! Yes, I'm in here!" She sounds frightened.

"Where are you?" I stand still.

"I'm upstairs!" I look for the stairs... there are none.

" Umm where are the stairs?" I keep looking, still nothing. I go to the hall and  I wait to see what happens next. I expect a flight of stairs to magically appear. Nothing.

"Oh yeah go to the kitchen, the stairs are in the old bathroom." I walk into the kitchen and find this old bathroom. I open the door and right infront of me is the stairs.

"Clever." I tear up the stairs. I look for a door to a room at the front. Finally I found her.

"Yes. Where are you? Oh... hello" She is sat in a chair facing the wall to she can look out of the window and towards the door. I run over to her and untie the bonds. There was a lot of blood and two unidentifiable shapes on the floor, the ceiling and the walls are caked in blood too. The window is smeared with blood and bits of skin, hair and gut. This was a horror film made real. This was just wrong.

"BOSS!" No sooner had I called him he was walking in the room. He stopped staring at the floor, ceiling, walls and also the little girl I am now trying to comfort. She is sobbing and shaking. There is blood splatters on her shirt and face, her hair is messy and has blood smeared through it.

"Shhhh, it's okay. I'm here don't worry. You're safe now, promise." She stops shaking ever so slightly and I loosen my grip on her, she is still crying but the sobs have calmed into wimpers.

"Jake. What are you-"

"Shhhh." I look at boss and then stand up, I pick the little girl up with me and walk out.

"Hey. Whats your name?" I feel a little awkward but I place her on the kitchen top and look at her, she looks back at me and sniffles a little.

"Ilsa. Whats your name?" She smiles a little. The smile is weak, but its a smile.

"I'm Jacob or Jake. You ok?" Stupid question I knew it.

"Bad question, I know but still if you feel ill? Cold? Warm? Tell me and I'll sort it out." She nods. I see boss coming in.

"I'll take her back to the station then Jake" He puts his hand out to her but I sweep his hand away.

"No. I'll take her. I think I should." He looks at me warily. He knows what happened to my children.

"Are you sure Jake?" I look at Ilsa. I nod and lift her off the counter.

"Yeah. I'll take her to the station, leave her with Katie then I'll come back. It'll be fine" I walk her to the door and then through the garage and into the garden.

"Who's Katie, Jake?" I look down at her and then look back to the gate.

"She's... My friend, okay?" I smile and walk to the car. I open the car and signal for her to get in, she hesitates.

"Whats wrong?" I walk round and stick the key into the car. I walk back around. She is just stood staring at my car.

"I'm not allowed in the front" She looks so innocent. I smile a little and walk to her.

"Sure you are. Its okay. I wont hurt you. Look I'm a policeman, and I'm on duty" I smile at her. She inches forward till she is right next to the seat.

"Go on. It's ok." She climbs in. I close the door and walk round to my side. I rev the engine then pull out of the siding.

"Thank you Jake. You are nice." With that she turns to the window and stares out as we drive along.

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