Her life: Childs Play

Crime scene investigator/ police man Jacob (Jake) is having a normal day in the lab.
until he is given the ID file of a prolific torturer/murderer, life will never be completely normal again...


6. Analysis.

I finally arrived back at the scene. Boss has people all over the lawn and white tents are up all over the place. I walk into one to see that they have some small possessions of the mother and father, they are analyzing them. I walk out then over to another tent, more analysis here too. I walk over to boss.

"Wow lots happened since I left huh? So what did I miss?" He looks up from the I-pad he's holding.

"Here if you look here you will see everything ok. I got to see whats going on in there." With that he walks to the tent I just came out of. I read the info on the screen. I flick through and find the texts and images sent from the scene to the lab. I look through and then check the results.

I walk with the I-pad towards the house, two men stop me and tell me that the house is off limits. I just start to laugh at them, they see the badge shining on my belt and ask what I find so funny.

I pull out my wallet and let the front fall to show my ID. The men fall silent and stare at it as though they cannot believe their eyes.

"Oh. Your, Jake Jackson? Sorry sir, we didn't know it was you?" I look at them and they fall out of the way and look at the ground awkwardly. I walk through the door and turn to see them stopping another member of the team who sulks off angrily.

I look at the many men running tests on the kitchen appliances and some other things in the room. I walk through to the living room and then walk into the secret cupboard. There is loads of noise coming from the top of the stairs. I bounce up the stairs two at a time and see people walking in and out of the front room.

Slowly so as not too be seen I walk into a small room just to the side of the stairs. I notice that the room is Ilsa's room. I look around and then sit on her bed, I look at my phone and text Katie.

"Hey. Hows Ilsa doing?" I hit the send button and stick the phone back in my pocket. I pull up the lab report on the things I took when I left, they have a positive match on the murder weapons prints, they match the Gasconi brothers.

My phone goes off"She's fine and she likes your spinning chair. Lol x" She likes what? I walk back out of the room and take the I-pad down stairs. Boss is stood in the kitchen holding my case. He hands it to me. I give him the I-pad and take the case. I run back upstairs and start my research on the bodies in the front room.

No one else is looking at the bodies. They are in fact ignoring the bodies altogether. I set my stuff down in an empty space and then open the case taking out my kit. I set to work.

My phone goes again."She is getting tired Jake. Call it quits and help me please!!! I need you. I tried giving her sweets but now she is curled up on... your work bed and has fallen asleep..." I started to pack my kit up when boss walked in.

"Leaving already Jake?" He was watching me as I picked everything up and lifted my prints.

"Yeah I am actually sir." I stand and dust myself off.

"Why's that then?" He takes a step back as I climb over the body I have just been examining.

"Umm... Katie needs my help back at the station and I really need to call it a night, I was up for ages with the case yesterday..." I scratch behind my ear and yawn a little bit.

"Katie needs you? Why?" I shrug and walk past him to the door.

"I don't know yet okay" He follows me through the door then down the stairs into the kitchen where I put my case down and turn to boss.

"What is Jake? You seem a little jumpy to me" I shrug again and pull a biscuit out of my pocket.

"Jumpy sir? I don't believe I know what you mean?" Boss is watching me as I nibble at the biscuit slowly.

"I mean, you don't seem to be yourself at the moment Jake" I almost choke on the bit of biscuit in my mouth.

"Uhh ok sir. Well I should go now. So.. Uhh bye sir" I pick up my case again and walk towards the door.

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