I Won't Give Up (Sequel to Look After You)

Isabelle and Niall have been happy and together for almost a year. Isabelle can't believe how lucky she is, but sadly as everyone knows luck runs out. Niall is called back on tour for 6 months and forced to leave Isabelle behind. Where will that leave them? Read and find out ^^ :)


17. To Be Right Where You Are

Isabelle's POV

Niall was in pain for really long time. He could barely stand up without someone helping him. I felt so bad. "Hey you doing ok?" I asked sitting on the couch next to him. He nodded. "In a lot of pain though." I gave him a sad look. "I'm so sorry". "It's alright it's your fault. Hey you never explained to why Jake abused you." "Oh that." I bit my lip. "Well... Jade set up about a year ago. He was really sweet for the first like 5 months but then I starting wanting to hang out with Jade and other friends more and well he didn't like it. I explained to him that BFs and GFs shouldn't spend every second together because I don't know it's unhealthy but that just made him madder. Then he started beating me. And well it wasn't for my mom walking in the room I probably may not be here." I was so close to crying. Niall just stared me looking close to crying too. "Oh my gosh Isabelle". "I know." "I'm so sorry". "It's ok. It's in the past and I've completely forgotten about it." "By the way you just told me that story, I don't think you have." Now the tears were coming.

Niall's POV

I felt so bad for asking her. She was crying now and I hated when she cried. "I'm so sorry for asking." I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "No" she sniffled. "It's ok. Don't be sorry. I knew I was going to have to tell you about him at some point." "No. You didn't have to tell me. I would've lived without hearing it." She cried harder. "What's wrong?" "You almost died because of him and well... it scared me." "Well I'm here now. And I'm thankful to be right where you are." "Me too." she smiled a little.

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