I Won't Give Up (Sequel to Look After You)

Isabelle and Niall have been happy and together for almost a year. Isabelle can't believe how lucky she is, but sadly as everyone knows luck runs out. Niall is called back on tour for 6 months and forced to leave Isabelle behind. Where will that leave them? Read and find out ^^ :)


14. I'm Here To Stay and Make the Difference That I Can Make

Harry's POV

"Guys we have a problem!" I said running towards the other lads. "What's up Harry?" Louis looked worried. "It's Niall." "What happened to Niall?" Liam looked both confused and scared at the same time. "Well I don't know. Jade called me and said she didn't know what happened but that we needed to get there ASAP." I explained. "Harry we can't just leave.. we have a show in a hour..." Zayn started. "I know. But our best friend is hurt! We have to go see him!" I practically screamed. Liam nodded. "You're right. We have to cancel the rest of the tour." Louis's jaw dropped. "We can't do that!" "Think about it. If Niall makes it God forbid he doesn't he's gonna have to recover for a while. And we don't know how long that'll take so it's best we do. We can make it up the fans." I explained again. "Alright, alright. We have to do this for Niall." Larry came up to us, he obviously heard our conversation. "What's this about canceling the rest of the tour?" he asked. "Niall is hurt. We don't know how badly but we have to go see him." Liam explained. "Alright, alright. We'll leave after the show." We sighed. "Alright."

Isabelle's POV

Niall's been in that operating room for hours. Oh I hope he's ok. Thankfully Jade was right here next to me, but I knew it was getting late. And I could tell she was tired. "Jade." I said finally. "Yeah?" she asked sleepily. "You can go home if you want. I'm fine here." "Isabelle if I go home you're coming with me. I'm not leaving you here by yourself. And since I know you won't leave until you hear something about Niall, I'm staying." "Jade. You're exhausted. I can tell. Go home." She yawned. "I can't just leave you here!" "I'll be fine." "Isabelle.." she started. I put my hand on her shoulder. "Go." I smiled. "Ok, if you insist." I could tell she was extremely happy. "But. You call me the second you hear something." "I will, now go!" And she left. 

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