I Won't Give Up (Sequel to Look After You)

Isabelle and Niall have been happy and together for almost a year. Isabelle can't believe how lucky she is, but sadly as everyone knows luck runs out. Niall is called back on tour for 6 months and forced to leave Isabelle behind. Where will that leave them? Read and find out ^^ :)


19. I See You've Come So Far

Isabelle's POV

It was fun teasing Niall about the book. I haven't laughed that much in a long time! It was really fun. Especially when I made out with the book. Genius. After a while I "apologized" for "upsetting" him. "You know I was kidding the entire time right?" I asked I needed to sure. "No! I had no clue!" He said obvious sarcasm. I slapped him playfully. He laughed. "Yeah I knew." he said finally. "Good". "You know we gotta leave next week right?" He asked. "Yeah I do. I feel bad though. This was suppose to be my time with Jade. We haven't seen each other in such a long time." "I know. I feel awful." "Hey it's both our faults. We missed each other so much and it was tearing us apart inside." "Yeah." "Would you totally hate me if I asked you to spend the week with the boys and I hung with Jade?" "Well I'd have to think about that". He laughed. "Of course I don't mind at all I haven't hung with the lads just us in a while and well I'm starting to get sick of you." "Hey!" I protested. "I'm kidding" he said kissing my cheek. I grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. "That's what you get for hurting my feelings" I laughed and continued to hit him. "Hey that's not fair I don't have a pillow!" I shrugged. "Too bad" And I hit him again.


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