I Won't Give Up (Sequel to Look After You)

Isabelle and Niall have been happy and together for almost a year. Isabelle can't believe how lucky she is, but sadly as everyone knows luck runs out. Niall is called back on tour for 6 months and forced to leave Isabelle behind. Where will that leave them? Read and find out ^^ :)


21. God Knows I'm Tough

*One week later*

Jade's POV

Isabelle and I had an amazing week! We went shopping, to the movies, got our nails done, to the beach! Oh it was awesome. I was really going to miss her when she leaves today. I was helping her pack her stuff and it was hard to imagine her leaving. "I can't believe you're leaving." I moped. "Hey we were together for 3 months!" "I know but it was suppose to be 6" I complained. "Yeah I know but I think we'd get sick of each other to be honest." I thought about it. "Yeah. I think we would". We both laughed. "Come on, let's go downstairs and wait. Niall's coming to get you right?" "Yep! He should be here soon.. he texted me saying he'd be at 5." "Well if he wants to prompt he's got 5 minutes." I stated looking at my watch. She laughed. "Niall isn't usually on time but if he makes it this time I'll be surprised." I looked her with a sly grin. "Wanna bet?" She raised her eyebrows. "You're on! $10 says he won't make it on time." "Fine." And as usual Isabelle was right. Niall got here 2 minutes late. "HA! I win! Pay up!" She held out her hand. I slapped a $10 bill in her hand and rolled my eyes. "What did you two bet on this time?" Isabelle laughed. "I told her how you're always late and she thought you'd break your late streak by being on time for once but she was wrong. So I get $10." Niall rolled his eyes. "Thanks for letting my obnoxiously beautiful girlfriend stay here Jade. I'm sure was a handful." I laughed. "Oh believe me it was!" Isabelle fake pouted. "You guys are terrible.. love you!" I gave Isabelle a long hug. "Have a safe flight, don't let your obnoxiously late boyfriend make you tardy!" She laughed. "I'll certainly try!" "If anyone is making us late it's you by running your mouth!" Niall shouted from the car. I laughed. "I need to go have a long talk with him." I laughed again. "Bye Izz!" "Bye Jade!"

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