I Won't Give Up (Sequel to Look After You)

Isabelle and Niall have been happy and together for almost a year. Isabelle can't believe how lucky she is, but sadly as everyone knows luck runs out. Niall is called back on tour for 6 months and forced to leave Isabelle behind. Where will that leave them? Read and find out ^^ :)


23. Author's Note(:

Heyyy guys(:

Thank you to all who read this and who read "Look After You". I really enjoyed writing them. I'm done writing about Niall and Isabelle but I do plan to write love stories for the other guys in 1D so I guess stayed tuned. Ok well again thanks for the lovely comments and reading!

Elizabethluvs1D (:

PS. I do not write in script. It's a lovely font but it's incredibly hard to read. It's the computer I have no idea why it does that. Just letting you know(:

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