A Niall Horan Love Story

Alyssa was going to school with her best friend in Westmeath, Ireland but she never expected to run into Niall Horan, from One Direction, and fall completely in love with him.


10. Truth or Dare

A/N: hey:) this is a long chapter but I hope you like it, remember, you can still e-mail me any ideas you want me to add and I'll figure out if I like it enough to put it in:) I use a couple of ideas from my friend Mati in this chapter, she really helps out when I'm having trouble with a chapter so, thanks Mati:)

We leave the tent and Harry is back. Jada kind of avoids him, obviously embarrassed about what just happened. I sit next to her and say,"You don't have to avoid him, he doesn't know."
"Okay," she gets up, walks over, and sits next to him. 
They start talking like they usually do and Niall comes over to sit next to me. "He likes her too," he says. 
"Then why won't he make his move already?"
"He's waiting for the right moment. Just like I did with you, I waited for months to get you," he says. 
"I would've said yes at any time, I loved you way before that," I say, looking up at him. 
"Really? You hide your emotions very well," says Niall. 
"I've always been good at that," I say, kissing him. 
"You're so perfect you know."
"I love you," I say. 
"I love you too, now, let's get something to eat," he says. 
"Food! I'm so hungry," I say. 
"Haha, you're so cute."
"Not as cute as you," I say,"Now c'mon, I'm really hungry!"
We run over to the table and I grab the marshmallows and Niall makes himself a sandwich. I pull out my iPod and scroll through my songs until I find the one that I want to listen to. I sing along to the lyrics of Miss You by Ed Sheeran and Niall joins in. He takes my hand and twirls me around, dancing until the song ends. 
We grab our food and go sit with everyone else around where the campfire was last night. "So, who wants to play a game," asks Louis. 
"Why not?"
"What game?"
"How about...Truth or Dare?"
"I pick...Harry," Louis says. 
"I dare you, to kiss Jada, right now."
We watch as Harry slowly gets closer to Jada and lightly kisses her, lingering a bit before pulling away and sitting back down like nothing happened. "Okay, Alyssa, truth or dare," asks Harry. 
"Umm, dare," I say. 
"I dare you, to go skinny dipping in the lake, we'll have Jada watch you," he says. 
"Ugh, fine," I get up and Jada and I head to the lake. 
She watches as I jump into the water and then I get dressed and we go back to the campsite. Niall hands me a towel when we get back and I glare at Harry for making me do that. We sit back down and Niall pulls me close to him. "Hmm...Liam, truth or dare?"
"You never pick dares," says Louis. 
"I trust her more."
"I look sweet, don't I," I ask,"I dare you to eat something with a spoon."
"That's right, you have to do it, you chose a dare."
"Ugh, fine."
He goes to the table and takes a plastic spoon, he takes a jar of peanut butter and scoops some out. He calmly licks the spoon clean and says,"There, I did it, but I didn't like it."
I hear my iPod ringing and I take it out to see that my friend Mati is calling me on ooVoo. "Everybody quiet! Mati still doesn't know that I know you," I say. 
I answer the call and she comes up on the screen. "Hey Mati," I say,"Guess what."
"Boys, come here," I motion for all of them to join me and Mati almost screams. 
"I moved to Ireland for college and I met Niall, by the way, he's my boyfriend."
"And you never told me?!?"
"I wanted to wait until all of us were together and we're camping right now cause it's springbreak," I say. 
"Calm down Mati," I say. 
"Okay, but I still can't believe that you never told me," she says. 
"You haven't been on Twitter in months have you?"
"No, school's kept me busy," she says. 
"Even on New Years?"
"Well, not then, but I was on vacation."
"Oh, Liam tweeted a picture of Niall and I," I say. 
"Ohh, so whatcha up to?"
"We were just playing Truth or Dare," I say,"Liam ate with a spoon."
"And I didn't like it one bit," he says. 
"Poor Liam," says Mati. 
"At least he didn't have to skinny dip in the lake," I say. 
"Who dared you that? Niall," she asks. 
"No, Harry."
"Pervert," Mati says to Harry. 
"What? I didn't watch, we had Jada watch her," he says. 
"Oh, never mind," she says,"Okay, so, you and Niall got together on New Years, and how are Harry and Jada going?"
I look at her warningly and get up. "I'll be right back." 
I walk a little into the forest and look back at my iPod. "We're still working on Harry and Jada, they both like each other, Harry's just waiting to make his move. Louis dared him to kiss her and they both clearly enjoyed it."
"Well that's good, at least they're getting along," says Mati. 
"Yeah, well I gotta go, I'll talk to you later, okay," I say. 
"Hey beautiful ," I hear Niall right behind me.
"Jeez, Niall, you scared me," I say. 
"Sorry love," he says pulling me into a hug,"I thought maybe we could go on a walk."
"Yeah, let's go," I say. 
We walk down a path that goes deeper into the forest. I see the perfect tree to climb and run to it. I climb up a few branches and look down to see Niall looking up at me. "Come on Nialler," I laugh. 
"Alright, I'm coming," he climbs onto the first branch and as he gets to me I climb higher until I'm about halfway up the tree. I keep climbing until any higher branches are too weak. Niall gets to the branch below me and I say,"I love climbing trees, I feel so amazing!"
"You are amazing," says Niall,"Come on, let's get down love."
"Okay," I say, beginning to follow him down the tree.  
When we both get to the bottom Louis is there and he says,"What were you two doing up there? Making out?"
"We were climbing it," I say, slightly glaring at him. 
"Sure you were," he says teasingly. 
I roll my eyes and say,"Come on, let's go back."
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