A Niall Horan Love Story

Alyssa was going to school with her best friend in Westmeath, Ireland but she never expected to run into Niall Horan, from One Direction, and fall completely in love with him.


9. Springbreak

A/N: Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I've jumped from New Years to Springbreak for a reason. I couldn't come up with anything else! So if you have any ideas please e-mail me at girlscout-alyssa@sbcglobal.net and I will let you know who's idea it was so make sure to put your Movellas username. Any ideas are welcome! 

I'm packing with Jada because the boys invited us to come camping with them. I haven't been camping in such a long time but I have everything we need. While I'm packing the last of my things Jada comes over and says,"Don't forget this," she hands me my bikini,"For the lake...and Niall."
I roll my eyes at her and then finish packing and head out to the van that is parked outside. As soon as we put our bags in the trunk the boys almost drag us into the van. 
"Come on!"
"Let's go!"
They are all saying random things and I can only make out a few of them. After they calm down we relax and I nod off to sleep as it's going to be a long car ride. 
I wake up to singing all around me and I recognize the song so I begin to sing along. It's Little Things. Niall takes my hand and he squeezes it lightly, kissing my cheek. When we get to Niall's solo he looks into my eyes and I feel my cheeks go red. 
When the song is over I lean over and kiss Niall, he pulls me onto his lap and takes my hand again. The rest of the ride we sing One Direction and Ed Sheeran songs. 
We just finished setting up the two tents and are now sitting around a small campfire that I had set up. Niall pulls out his guitar and begins to play. We all sing until we can't keep our eyes open anymore and go back to our tents. 
Niall was now holding me over the lake. "You wouldn't dare."
"Oh but I would," he says, grinning cheekily.
He drops me but I grab onto his shirt and take him with me. I swim back to the top and Niall comes up next to me. "Come on, let's go back to the campsite," I say. 
We walk up the small trail that leads back to our site to see everyone but Harry talking and Jada blushing like crazy. "Louis, shut up," she says. 
"You know it's true! You like Harry," Louis says. 
"Lou! Leave her alone, besides, it's been obvious for a long time," says Niall. 
"Come on Jada," I say,"Let's go to our tent."
We go into the tent and she asks,"Is it really that obvious?"
"It kinda is, though I think he likes you too," I say, quickly changing into a new shirt and a pair of shorts.
"Really," she asks. 
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