A Niall Horan Love Story

Alyssa was going to school with her best friend in Westmeath, Ireland but she never expected to run into Niall Horan, from One Direction, and fall completely in love with him.


2. Park Date

Chapter Two: Park Date

"GET UP," Jada yells as she hits me with a pillow,"YOU HAVE A DATE!!"
"Mmm, I'm up," I say,"Besides, it won't be like it was with Ethan."
"It's with Niall Horan," she says. 
"I know but I was with Ethan  for almost two years," I say. 
"Alyssa," she says,"Just get ready and go have a good time."
"Fine," I say. 
I rummage through my bag and find my cute ocean blue blouse that Jada made me, pull on a pair of jeans, grab my bag, my phone and iPod and head to the park. I'm early so I sit on a bench and pull out my iPod to listen to some music. 
I go to Pandora and the first song that comes on is "Everybody Hurts" by Avril Lavigne. I sing along to the words, hardly paying attention to anything around me. Which is why I jump a little when Niall sits next to me and says,"You're a good singer, how come you didn't say anything yesterday?"
"I don't really tell a lot of people,"
I say, pausing the music and putting my iPod back into my bag. 
"Why not," he asks. 
"I'm a bit shy, only my closest friends know," I say. 
"Well I hope you won't be so shy with me," he says. 
"Well, I kind of have trust issues, but I think I can trust you," I say, my heart sinking a little because Ethan used to console me like this. 
"What's wrong," Niall asks. 
"Nothing, it's nothing," I say, knowing that he probably won't believe me. 
"I can tell something's wrong," he says,"You don't have to tell me but it can only help."
"Fine, my boyfriend and I just broke up before I came to Ireland," I say. 
"Oh, come here," he says, pulling me close to him and I begin crying on his shoulder,"It's okay, I'm here."
"Alyssa," I hear a voice say. 
Niall and I look up and Ethan is standing in front of us. "Ethan," I say standing up. 
"Is this your ex," Niall asks me. 
"Yeah, I don't know what he's doing here," I say. 
"Alyssa, I came for you," says Ethan. 
I don't know what to say so I just hug him. "Ethan, you didn't have to do this," I say. 
"Yes I did," he says. 
"Ethan,  this is Niall," I say pulling away,"Niall, Ethan."
"Alyssa," says Ethan,"I may still live in America, but I'll come to see you every chance I get. I can only stay until tomorrow this time but I'll come back."
"But I don't know about long distance, especially in different countries," I say,"Let's just stay friends for now and if it works out, then it does."
"Okay, I just hope it does," he says,"I'm gonna go now, bye."
"Bye Ethan," I say. 
He walks away and I sit back down next to Niall. "Well that was a bit awkward," I say. 
"Yeah," he says. 
We hear a soft click and Niall curses under us breath,"Come on, my car isn't too far."
We walk a little down the pathway to his car and get in. He puts the key in the ignition and we start driving to where ever he's taking me. 
We pull into an apartment complex and hurry to an apartment. Niall unlocks the door and we go inside. 
It's a simple little apartment with a nice kitchen and an open living room. There's a door leading to another room which I guess is his bedroom. 
"I'm hungry,"says Niall,"Do you want some Nando's?"
"Sure," I say. 
He calls the restaurant and orders us food before turning on the TV. We sit down in an awkward silence until the doorbell rings. Niall answers the door to get the food and pulls out a card. "So that's the Nando's  black card," I think. 
He comes back and says,"Here's yours," with that beautiful smile and accent of his. 
I take the chicken and try my first bite of Nando's chicken. "Oh my god, this is amazing," I say. 
"First time," Niall asks. 
"Yes," I say. 
"Now you see why I love it so much," he says. 
"Yes, and thank you," I say hugging him. 
"After we're done eating I should probably take you back to the hotel," he says. 
"What time is it," I ask. 
"Seven," says Niall. 
"Really? Wow," I say. 
"Yeah," he says with a kind of distant look in his eyes. 
"I can tell when someone's sad," I say,"What's wrong?"
"Nothing," he says. 
"Alright, I'll take that this time, but next time I won't be that easy," I say. 
We finish eating and head back to his car. Niall is silent the entire ride but when we get to the hotel he walks me to my room. I open the door to find that Jada isn't inside. "You could stay awhile, if you want to," I say. 
"Yes, but only if you'll be in our next music video, we're shooting tomorrow," says Niall. 
I grin and say,"It's a deal."
We go inside and lay down on my bed. "So, what now," he asks. 
"I don't really know...I kind of wanna just lay here and maybe fall asleep," I say. 
"That's sounds great to me," says Niall. 
So that's what we do, lay there until we fall asleep. 
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