A Niall Horan Love Story

Alyssa was going to school with her best friend in Westmeath, Ireland but she never expected to run into Niall Horan, from One Direction, and fall completely in love with him.


4. New Years

"Alyssa, are you done yet," asks Jada.
"Almost, just a minute," I say. 
"You gotta look good for Niall," she says. 
"Jada, shut up," I say, warningly. 
I hear a knock at the door and Jada says,"I got it!"
She runs over to the door and opens it. "Are you ladies ready," asks Niall. 
"Just a sec," I say, finishing my hair and grabbing my small purse.
 I was wearing a cute red dress that Jada had picked for me. "Stop staring and let's go to the party," I say to Niall. 
The other boys are waiting in the limo to take us to the New Years party. We get in and head to the club. 
When we get there it isn't crowded yet so we show our ids and go in. There are a few people dancing but Jada and I decide to sit down on a small couch. Niall goes to the bar and gets something to drink. I see Louis go over to him and say something but I can't tell what it is. 
I walk over leaving Jada with Harry and say,"So what are you two talking about?"
"Nothing," says Louis. 
"Yeah, sure," I say, ordering myself a girly cocktail. 
"You just have to wait to find out," says Niall. 
"Okay, but why not just tell me now," I ask, sipping my cocktail. 
"It's a secret," says Niall. 
"So now you're keeping secrets from me," I ask playfully. 
"You'll find out soon," he says. 
It's ten seconds until midnight, we are all counting down. Niall comes over to me and when we say zero, he catches me by surprise and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. It feels like its just us there, until Louis shouts out,"Get a room, lovebirds!"
We pull apart and I say,"So does this mean," not even bothering to finish and Niall says,"Yeah."
I bite my bottom lip and kiss him again, this time longer. It's amazing how our lips fit together, like we're made just for each other. "Aww," says Liam,"That's going on Twitter." 
I smile, still kissing Niall. I feel him smile too, then we pull apart. "Alyssa," asks Niall. 
"I want you to know that I fell for you when we first met, your smile, your laugh, 'everything about you'," he says, quoting a song of his from years ago. 
This makes me smile even more. "Aww, Nialler," I say hugging him. 
"You don't know how long I've wanted to tell you that," says Niall. 
"Alright, c'mon you two, we've got to go before the fans mob us," says Zayn. 
Niall takes my hand and we run out of the club and have to push through a crowd to get to our limo. Harry and Jada get in holding hands and I say,"So what's going on here?"
"Nothing," says Jada taking her hand away and going red in the cheeks. 
"Mmhm, keep telling yourselves that," I say. 
Once we're all in the limo we head to Jada's and my dorm room. Niall walks us back while holding my hand and when we get there Jada goes in and Niall says,"I've got to go but I'll see you tomorrow." 
He kisses me again but even longer than the others because no body's there. I run my hands through his hair and his hands are at my waist. It seems like forever before we stop. "Bye Niall," I say out of breath. 
I go in and Jada asks,"How was that kiss? I could hear you in here, ya know?"
"You're just jealous," I say smiling. 
"You know who I like," she says. 
"Yeah and it seems like you two really hit it off tonight," I say. 
"Shut up," she says,"We need to get some sleep anyways, we have to study tomorrow."
"Okay," I say getting ready for bed. 

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