A Niall Horan Love Story

Alyssa was going to school with her best friend in Westmeath, Ireland but she never expected to run into Niall Horan, from One Direction, and fall completely in love with him.


7. Lazy Day

A/N hey I just wanted you all to know that the contest I explained in chapter 6 is still going on. I'm not using anyone's ideas in this chapter cause I'm still waiting for you all. Again my e-mail is girlscout-alyssa@sbcglobal.net sorry for boring you back to the Movella

*a week after chapter 5 ended*
"Niall," I say in between gasps as he tickles me. 
"What," he asks teasingly. 
"Are you going to tell me?"
"Yes," I say still laughing,"I..."
"Keep going."
"...Love you," I say. 
"I love you too, now come on, I'm hungry," says Niall getting up and going to the kitchen. 
"Me too," I say following him. 
After we find something to eat Louis walks in and says,"You two are too much."
"Get over it Lou, you're going to see a lot of it now," I say. 
"Oh great."
I hop onto Niall's back and he carries me out to the couch an he lays me down, laying next to me and wrapping his arms around me. "Babe?"
"You're amazing."
"You're even more amazing."
"I'm no where near as amazing as you."
"Oh stop it, you're both amazing," says Louis settling it. 
"What do you want to do today," Niall asks me. 
"Let's have a lazy day, I don't have school tomorrow so no curfew," I say smiling. 
"Perfect, cause you're going to be gone late tonight," says Niall. 
"Well you can't do much, we're all going to be here," says Louis. 
The boys are staying at Niall's parents' house while they're away on vacation. 
"I have a bedroom for a reason," says Niall. 
"Haha, nice try Niall," I say. 
"At least I try," says Niall. 
This is what I like about Niall, he doesn't try to force me into doing things. 
"I love you Niall," I say. 
"I love you more," he says. 
"I've loved you longer."
"Sure you have."
"I've known about you since I was fifteen, I fell in love with you then."
He tries to kiss me but I stop him and say,"Not until I win."
"Fine, you win," he says. 
I kiss him and Louis leaves us alone. We decide to watch some movies and Niall runs to the kitchen to get us popcorn. When they smell the popcorn the rest of the boys come running downstairs. We end up with three bowls of popcorn for the six of us. Niall puts in a movie that I've been dying to see. We snuggle on the couch and I end up falling asleep on Niall's chest. 
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