A Niall Horan Love Story

Alyssa was going to school with her best friend in Westmeath, Ireland but she never expected to run into Niall Horan, from One Direction, and fall completely in love with him.


5. How To Tell The Fans

I wake up with my phone ringing. I pick it up and look at the caller id, Niall. I answer and he says,"Morning beautiful."
"Good morning Nialler," I say,"Hey, how do you think the fans will react?"
"I don't know, they seemed to like you before, I think they'll be fine love," says Niall,"Besides, they were always wondering when we would get together."
"Yeah, maybe they'll accept me quickly," I say. 
"They already love you," he says,"Don't worry about it babe."
"Okay," I say still a little unsure. 
"Now, do you think you could come over later," asks Niall. 
""Uhhh, yeah, but I have to study a bit first," I say,"How about around one?"
"Yeah, that's perfect," he says,"See you at one love."
"Bye Nialler," I say. 
"Bye my love," he says. 
We both hang up and I pull out my school books. Writing, I have a three page essay due tomorrow. Luckily I've already written it, I just have to type it. I grab my laptop start typing. 
I finish that in half an hour so I get my literature book and my notes and read through them a few times. When I finish it's noon. I still have to get ready to go to Niall's. I quickly brush my hair and teeth, put on some clothes, and put on just a little make up. I never really liked wearing a lot of make up, it just never seemed necessary. 
I grab my bag and go out to the car I had bought a few months ago. I drive to Niall's and when I get there I see him outside trying to get some paparazzi away. I watch him for a minute before going to help him. 
We successfully get them away and go into his apartment. "So how are we going to tell them that it's completely official," I ask. 
"We could just tweet them," says Niall. 
"Wait, you have an interview tomorrow right," I ask. 
"Yeah," he says. 
"Well they're no doubt going to ask about the picture Liam took so you could tell them then," I say. 
"Okay babe," he says, pulling me closer to him,"But you're coming with." 
"I can't," I say,"I have a test tomorrow." 
"Aww, okay, do well love," say Niall. 
I lay down so that I'm on his lap and he leans down to kiss me. "Do you want to watch a movie," he asks. 
"Yeah, what movies do you have," I say. 
"Let's check Netflix," he says. 
"Okay," I say. 
He turns on everything and waits for Netflix to load. When it does Niall says,"Close your eyes, you can't see what the movie is." 
I do as he says and wait for him to tell me that the movie's starting. I'm finally able to look and he chose a scary movie. Throughout almost the entire movie I am cuddled up to him, closing my eyes at the scariest parts as he keeps pulling me closer to him. "You chose this because you wanted to cuddle didn't you," I ask. 
"Yes," he says. 
"Well I would've cuddled with you anyways," I say. 
I lay back down on his lap so I can look up at him. Niall leans down to kiss me but instead he starts tickling me. "NIALL, STOP," I yell, laughing.
"No," he says. 
He's clearly enjoying this so I get up and start running around his apartment. Niall catches me in the kitchen and he pulls me close to him. "You can't run now," he says grinning. 
He kisses me this time and says,"Isn't it almost your curfew?"
I check my phone and say,"Oh, yeah, bye Nialler." 
He takes me back to my car and we kiss one more time before I leave. I make it back just in time for curfew and Jada says,"What took you so long?"
"We lost track of time," I say. 
"Doing what," she asks. 
"Watching a movie," I say,"Now we have to get some sleep."
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