I Could Only Imagine

Short or some longer #imagines. Leave a comment!! Thanks to everyone who favorite or likes this movella!!! I write personal imagines too!
Xxx Irene


15. Harry for Sophie (sophiestyles)


You walk into the room you and your boyfriend Harry share. You walk over to you nightstand while you fingers softly touch the duvet cover. You didn’t noticed the little black box on your pillow until you were standing in front of your nightstand. Slowly you reach for the box and you pick it up, forgetting the reason you were in the room. Curious as you are you open the box, revealing a beautiful trinklet* of a birdcage. Your eyes shoot to the bracelet you’ve got from Harry yesterday night, it’s a trinkletbracelet. Carefully you pick the shiny trinklet up and lock it to the bracelet the rest of the upcoming nine days you find another trinklet on your pillow. Every trinklet just as shiny and just as beautiful as the little birdcage. The last one, the one you get on the 10th day it is a little heart saying ‘H+S’. ”You like them?” you hear the voice of your boyfriend say as you’re admiring the little heart. “Do I like them?! Of course I do! I love them, they are so beautiful.” You say as you run up to him and jump into his arms. “Not as beautiful as you” he says while looking into your blue eyes.


* I don’t know if you guys know the word ‘trinklet’ (maybe I sound stupid as –word my mom wouldn’t let me say- and you know the word) but it is like a little (mostly-silver) thing you can lock on a bracelet. I’m not from England or anywhere else they speak English but I try hard, very hard, so pretty pretty please forgive me if I make mistakes!


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