I Could Only Imagine

Short or some longer #imagines. Leave a comment!! Thanks to everyone who favorite or likes this movella!!! I write personal imagines too!
Xxx Irene


9. Chapter 9 (long/Liam)

Today, it's Liam's birthday. You and the boys are going to make the biggest birthday party ever! You're Liam's best friend since the X factor, and he means the world to you. You drove away, to Louis' house, and there you meet the other boys. ''hey babes!'' you say, and you hug them all. ''are you ready for the biggest birthday party ever?!'' Harry said. you nodded. ''of course I am!'' you yell, and you followed Harry and the other boys to his car.

You hopped in, and you talk a lot with the boys, about how you'll do it. ''Liam is at his parents’ house right?'' you ask Niall. He nodded, and you leaned back, with your head on the window.

After a few minutes, you came at Liam's house, and you took the key. ''so.. here we are, Louis, do you have the balloons?'' Louis nodded. ''yes I have..'' he said, and you and the boys start to make the house like a party house. Balloons everywhere, and the biggest birthday cake ever.

It's already 10 pm, and the party starts. ''done!'' you shout, and you looked up to the other boys. they smiled. ''it looks awesome!'' Zayn says. you smiled. ''let's call Liam!'' you say.

Harry grabs his phone, and called Liam. ''hey mate, can you come to your house? it's important!'' he says, and you start smiling. ''yes, I’m on my way!'' Liam says, and you start laughing.

''come on!'' you say, and you and the boys sit down behind the sofa.

''when is he coming?'' Harry whispers. ''sssh... he's coming soon!'' you whisper.

You hear the door, and your heart starts beating fast. ''hello!'' you hear Liam. you start smiling. ''is there anyone ?!''

''1....2...3...'' Louis says. ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY DIRECTION!'' you and the boys shout. Liam starts laughing. ''oh my god, this is amazing!''

You walk towards Liam, and kissed his cheek. ''happy birthday Liam!'' you say, and you hug him tight.

He smiled at you.. like he never did. ''thanks..'' he says. the other boys smiled, and hugged him. ''happy birthday man!'' they say, and Liam smiled. ''thank you all for this!'' he says, and he looked around.

Later on the night, you sit down next to Liam.

''you like it?'' you say. Liam nodded. ''yes.. I really do!'' he says. you smiled. ''good to hear..'' you say.

''was it your idea?'' he says. you nodded. ''yes.. with the other boys.!'' Liam laughed. ''thanks..'' he says, and he leans in, and kissed you softly on the lips.

''I love you.'' he whispers trough the kiss. you smile, and wrap your arms around his neck.

''I love you too..'' you say.

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