I Could Only Imagine

Short or some longer #imagines. Leave a comment!! Thanks to everyone who favorite or likes this movella!!! I write personal imagines too!
Xxx Irene


2. Chapter 2 (long/Zayn)


It's your first week in a new school, so far you've managed to upset the popular kids, not make any new friends and have struggled in most lessons. You've found a quiet place towards the back of the field to hide away at lunchtime. Zayn walks over, sitting down next to you.

Zayn: 'You're (y/n) right?'

You: 'Yeah'

Zayn: ' Well (y/n), you won't make new friends out here.' You strug, you know he's in the year above you as you heard the popular girls talking about him as he walked past before a class. He lights a cigarette while watching your reaction, feeling uncomforteble you look at the ground.

Zayn: 'You planning on spending every lunch out here?'

You: 'You planning on killing yourself through smoking?' He holds up the cigarette and you both watch the paper turn to ash as it burns.

Zayn: 'Want to make a deal?' You strug again.

Zayn: 'The girls in your year seem to like me.' You roll with you eyes even though you know it's true.

You: 'I don't want their friendship. I want to go back to my old school.' You blink back tears, you miss your old friends, and at least there you felt smart. He gives your hand a squeeze.

Zayn: 'Then I'll make them back off you if you help me stop smoking.' You think it over.

You: 'Won't that involve lots of hanging out together?' Zayn winks at you.

Zayn: 'Not just a pretty face huh?' He stubs out his cigarette, stands up holding an outstreched hand to you. As he pulls you up he gives you a reassuring smile.

Zayn: 'Who knows maybe we'll get your grades up too so your parents will let me take you on a date.' You smile blush slightly, not sure of what to say, he keeps hold of your hand and confidently leads you back to the school.


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