I Could Only Imagine

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Xxx Irene


13. Chapter 13 (long/Louis)


You and your friends decide to go ice skating together. You have never done it before and didn’t really know how. While your friends on the other hand were experienced.

Once you get there your friends pretty much ditch you. Leaving you behind stumbling around the rink like some kind of baby animal learning to walk. But after a while you kind of get the hang of it. Skating gracefully, yet awkwardly towards your friends on the other side. Everything is all fine and great until you are accidentally knocked over but someone. But before you can hit the ground the gentleman caught you. Once you are back on your feet properly you face this boy, ready to thank and apologize to him. But your words get stuck in your throat. You look into his beautiful eyes and watch as the wide smile slowly creeps onto his face. It’s Louis Tomlinson. Being a fan of One Direction and everything it takes a lot not to start fan-girling. But you push through and just smile back at him. Finally you manage to say a few words to him “Sorry about that, I’m just new this this whole skating thing.” You say embarrassed. But he wasn’t really listening. He was gazing into your eyes in a little world of his own, just smiling. When he finally snaps himself out of it he says: “Not to worry! I’ll be here if you ever fall again.” While he winked at you. You blush and smile back, but tell him that you should really go find your friends. You start to wobble away awkwardly, but he grabs your arm. “Wait!” he says. “What’s your name?” You turn around and smile “(Y/n)” You reply, “Well, (Y/n),” he begins “I was wondering if you would maybe want to catch up again sometime? Maybe for lunch tomorrow?” You just nod happily. “Yeah sure! I would love that!” He gets out a pen from his pocket and scribbles his name on the back of your hand. “Call me later. Ok?” He says excitedly. “Alright. I will!” You reply with butterflies in your stomach. You are actually feeling a little sick inside from what’s happening. Could this really be true? You look at him one more time and wave goodbye. Then slowly make your way back to your friends.

You decided not to tell your friends about what had happened. In case they got jealous and it felt much more special as a secret. You love them. But you just wanted to keep it a secret for now.

Once home, you called him after 1 hour. “Hey it’s me, (Y/n)” you sing with excitement. “Hello love,” he replies “what you up to?” The conversation continues from there and you end up arranging to meat up at a cute little coffee shop for lunch tomorrow.

The next day you two meet at the little coffee shop. You two get to know each other really well. But still all the while he can’t take his eyes off you. And he has a huge smile on his face the whole time. After lunch you decide to continue the conversation over a walk in the park. By now its late evening and the sky is a beautiful pinky orange. “It’s gorgeous” You remark, looking up. Louis smiles and says under his breath “Yeah, but nothing compared to you.” You look at him. “What was that?” You ask. “Nothing” He quickly replies. It’s quite for about a minute. “I really had a great time today, Louis” You say looking to him. “He looks back at you, smiling. “So did I, (Y/n)” then he stops. Tugging you backward slightly. “(Y/n)I… I know it’s only been something like a day... even less maybe… but I really like you. A lot and-” You cut him off with a hug. “I really like you too, Lou” You say softly. He pulls away from the hug, and looks into your eyes. You look back into his. “If you really think that then meet me again?" He smiled. It was the start of a beautiful relationship.


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