I Could Only Imagine

Short or some longer #imagines. Leave a comment!! Thanks to everyone who favorite or likes this movella!!! I write personal imagines too!
Xxx Irene


12. Chapter 12 (long/Zayn)


You had been best friends with Zayn Malik for as long as you could imagine. You got to see him hardly as he was on tour most of the year and traveling the world with his band One Direction. You always had a bit of a crush on him but never told him as you didn’t want to ruin your friendship or distract him from work.  You had met the rest of the boys loads and you all got on really well.

*ring ring*

You picked up your phone to see a picture of you and Zayn with 'Zayn calling' above it so you answered it immediately.  “Hey Sarah” “Hey what you up to?” “Nothing just watching TV you?”  “Nothing either, there’s a flight tonight at 11pm one way straight over here, so I was wondering if you want to visit?” “Omg I’d love to!” “Great! A car will pick you up around 9 and the flight and everything’s all arranged, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Your flight was really long but you didn’t mind as you were so excited to see the boys, especially Zayn. As you were walking off the plain you went to collect your bag but saw zayn was already stood with it waiting for you.

“(Y/N)!” He said running over to you giving you a hug. “I didn’t know you were meeting me here.” You were so excited to see him so you didn’t mind. “Surprise” He winked. You got in the car and arrived back at the villa were you and the boys were staying for the next week and all the boys greeted you as soon as you came through the door. You were all eating dinner together that night when Louis asked if he could have a word with you and Zayn privately so you followed him out to the balcony. “What’s up?” Zayn said “Sorry bro but someone’s got to tell her if you won’t.” Louis replied “Tell me what?” “Um well I don’t want you to feel un comfortable or anything but I think you should know. It’s just,  Zayn’s crazy about you. He really is, all he ever does is talk about you and last night he was crying because he missed you so much. That’s why he flew you out here, he saw a rumour on twitter that you were seeing someone the other day and he was in bits, we had to cancel a signing because he was so upset, he was heartbroken.” Zayn was looking at the ground embarrassed. “I can tell you’re  crazy about each other and your both meant to be together.” Louis said putting his arm around Zayn. “Is that true Zayn?”  You said. “Kinda..um well.. Yeah….” He said moving his eyes from the ground to meet yours. “I really like you.” He was a bit shaky and was even twiddling his thumbs. You took Zayn’s hands into yours to stop him being so nervous. “I like you too.” You smiled. “Really?”  “Yeah, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by…”  Zayns lips crashed into yours cutting you off from rambling on. “Will you be my girlfriend.” “Yeah” You replied kissing him again.


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