I Could Only Imagine

Short or some longer #imagines. Leave a comment!! Thanks to everyone who favorite or likes this movella!!! I write personal imagines too!
Xxx Irene


11. Chapter 11 (short)

#imagine The boys get asked who they love. Harry says nothing and blushes. The boys all stare at him until he says your name.


#imagine Niall kisses you 31st December at 11:59pm and stops kissing you 1st January at 12:01am. A perfect ending and a perfect start.


#imagine Liam winks at you and you die.


#imagine You: "I’m so ugly!" Niall: "I just got my period." You: "WHAT?!" Niall: "Oh my bad, I thought we were saying things that are impossible."


#imagine Harry calling you from his tour at 3 am. You: Aren’t you tired? Harry: *yawn* I'm never too tired to hear your beautiful voice.


#imagine AAAAAAAHH" you screamed from the kitchen. Harry ran into the kitchen immediately to see if you were alright. "baby are you okay? what’s the matter?" "Omg harry there’s a huge spider under the table please get it I hate spiders" you trembled, you were even beginning to shake, spiders were your worst phobia and you’ve always hated them."Haha babe it’s alright" he took your hands and held them both to stop you shaking. "I’ll go get a magazine it’s okay I’m here" he said as he kissed you on the cheek. Harry left the room and came back with a magazine and lifted the spider on to it letting it out of the window. "Thank you Haz" you said walking over to him. "anything for my girl" he smiled as he put his arms around you "I’ll always be here to protect you and look after you, you know (y/n), you mean everything to me baby."


#imagine zayn writing you a song & you hear it for the first time on your birthday whilst your both doing a twitcam .


#imagine louis blushing after your first kiss and pulling you in for another.


* I just want to say thank you! But you know the rule! -It's not a thank you unless it's massive!-


So a MASSIVE thank you for reading and liking an d commenting! love you all!*




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