Smile because it happened

Saying goodbye to a friend. Random one shot thingy I wrote when I was bored.


1. Two Months


“I don’t know when I’ll next see you.”

My best friend, Vanessa smiles at me as she adjusts the straps on her bag. “Sure you do. October.”

I return the smile, although my insides don’t feel it. “October is so far away.” Two months. That is, if she can get enough money for the train faire by then. Vanessa had been looking for a job, but in the small town we both came from it was difficult to find one, especially at her age. I tried to give her money, however she refused to take it. But then, what did it matter if I did? Both of us had school.

She sighs, rustling my hair with one hand. “There’s the phone. We can write. We can text. Even video call if you got a webcam.”

“Yeah,” I reply. “That’s true.” Except both of us know we won’t make the effort. Eventually we will stop calling so often. One of us won’t reply to a text. We will both just drift away from each other. It is inevitable.

The train finally slows down to a stop and the doors open, letting out the hustle and bustle of people getting on and off. Vanessa gives me one last smile and steps forward. She lingers at the doors for a moment before going to sit down, with only the glass of the window separating us.

We wave, keeping both of our facades up with smiles. It is not the end of the world. Our goodbyes are only temporary. But still, it is hard not to feel sad when the train begins to leave and pick up speed into a blur a few feet from where I am standing.

There is something tragic about train stations, I think, as I watch it go into the distance until it is no larger than a pin prick.

My phone buzzes. I slide it out of my pocket and look down.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened x

I can’t help but smile, then. I love Vanessa.

Although, I do still feel like crying.

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