Long live

Emily is 18. She loves to dance! She moves to England to persue her dream. But what happens when her brother us killed and she runs into a mysterious boy with gorgeous blue eyes. Will she be abil to move forward with her life or will she dwel on the past...


1. Moving day

Emily's P.O.V
" Come on, keep those boxes moving we have a plane to catch"! Said Kat. " Kat, you know I love you but calm the fuck down"! I said. " Yea I know but if we ever want I make the plane those LAZY ASSES better hurry it up"! She was now yelling. " We will make it, but I can't believe we are going to ENGLAND"!!! Every time I thought of going to England my heart skipped a beat. I had always dreamed of going, my family has never had the money. So ever since I was a kid I would save my money for this. And Kat being rich and all sort of help. Kat is my best friend. We've been besties since we were 4 in pre-school. And NOTHING has changed. If you should know I was born in Enlgand and moved to the US when I was 3 cause my dad landed a job there. But um.. when I turned 5... Um... My.. Um.. My mom died. And my life changed so much. Cause me and my mom were really tight. I told her everything. But when she passed nothing was the same. My dad couldn't support all three of us so Kat offered for me to move in, I had go say yes but I payed my rent every month and stuff. But I never thought that one person ( Kat ) could changed my life. After I moved in with her, my life changed completely! I did things that I could have never done before! We went to amusement parks, waterslides, zoos! It was incredible! But I soon realized that I wanted to persue my dream of dance so that's what I'm doing! Kat and I are going to England! Me to dance Kat to study to become a vet! It seems like a really dream come true! But walking down that terminal, I new that our lives would never be the same.
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