Long live

Emily is 18. She loves to dance! She moves to England to persue her dream. But what happens when her brother us killed and she runs into a mysterious boy with gorgeous blue eyes. Will she be abil to move forward with her life or will she dwel on the past...


3. Landing

Emily's P.O.V

Omg did I just meet Niall from One Direction. And did he just ask me for my number?? Fuck yea! But that spent mean that he'll acctually call... Oh well it was pretty cool even thou Kat was her usual over pretective self. She always made me laugh! " Hey Kat" " What" " How long is the plane ride for"? " Like 18 hours why"? " oh just wondering how long it would take considering we've already been on here 10 hours so like 8 more to go"! " Yup". " Just think in 8 hours well be laming in London"!! I said way to loud. I was now getting stares. " Yup and just think we are going to your home town plus we are gonna live there now it's ubber exiting"!! She said louder than I did. Ah home sweet home...

Niall's P.O.V

I wanted to call her number but I didn't have any reception from the plane. I'll try to see her when we get off the plane but management is really strickt. That's one of the parts I hate of being famous. Whatever I was going to see her again. I know thts spuds cliche but even if it the last thing I do. I know I just met her but she seems just perfect as u really believe in love at first sight so we'll see. " Niall" Liam said. " What" " what are you thinking about bro" " Oh nothing" on the contrary a HUGE something! " Ok man but we're landing in an hour so get ready.

* an hour later
Kat's P.O.V

" Attention passengers we will begin our decent shortly please fasten your seat belts and than you for choosing air London" said the anonymous lady. Her voice was soooo annoying! And she never shut up! In about 15 mins we'll be in London. I can see that Em is nervous but she'll be really happy once we get off the plane to the hotel. " Em don't worry everything will be fine" I sad trying to comfort her. " Yea but what if it's not"? She said quietly. " Then we'll figure something out" " just don't worry we'll be ok" I said even thou I was worried too.

2 hours later

Emily's P.O.V

Wow the security in London is really good! This girl tried to get away with bringing wine on a plane but the security guard could like I don't know smell it and she was arrested! The things people will do to have alcohol these days! But it's just I can't get my mind of of Niall. No matter how much I want to I just can't. I hope to see him again.

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