Long live

Emily is 18. She loves to dance! She moves to England to persue her dream. But what happens when her brother us killed and she runs into a mysterious boy with gorgeous blue eyes. Will she be abil to move forward with her life or will she dwel on the past...


2. British invasion

Kat's P.O.V
" Omg! I can't believe we're on a plane"! Em said freaking out. She had never been on a plane before but with her British accent it was so funny to see! When she came to the states she had come by boat, which btw took for and ever!! " Em calm down, we're just going to England"! I tried to say calmly, which didn't quite work out, cause I had the biggest smile on my face. We both started giggling when a blonde haired boy bumped into her.

Niall's P.O.V
" I'm so sorry"! I said trying to sound sorry, even thou I had done it on purpose. She was just so pretty, and u could take my eyes off her, she was gorgeous! " Oh it's ok" she said with a magical voice. " Just watch where your going next time"! Her friend said. " Kat, don't be so rude, he didn't mean too..." " Whatever but next time Em I'm gonna hit him.." " Um.. Excuse me but I never got your name" I said. " Oh its um.. Emily.. But call me Em". " And mines Caitlin but call me Kat it I'll break our neck"! " Kat! Enough"!! Said Em. " It's ok, I guess I deserve it". I said shyly. " Wait u feel like I know you from somewhere.. Omg Your Nial from One Direction"! She had the cutest accent. " Um.. Yea.. I have to go back to my seat, but um.. Could I have your number"? " Umm... Sure"? As she gave me her number. " But watch it blondie, one wrong move and I break you"! Said Kat. Wow she really reminded me of Liam. Over overpertective!
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