Is This Truly Happening?

Kloey goes to stay at her Aunt Lala's house all summer and isn't very happy but once she arrives her aunt has to leave for the whole SUMMER and once her aunt leaves her summer get a REAL kick!


5. The Boys Sleeping Over!

 Hey guys Kloey here!

 So you guys have been wondering about how each chapter is written all different! Well I have TWO new co-authors!One is @JoselynHoran and the other is @1D.Basics !They'll co-author for me since i'm rarely here!Love you guys!  Hope you understand!-Kloey xoxo.

PS: Enjoy the chpater!

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Kloey's POV: 

What? Really? How? Why? What's going on? All these questions and more were stirring in my head, how do we do this! I finally choked out because there was no way to say no to having the most amazing band ever in my house! Well, my Aunt Lala's house! So we walked through the house think of how to do this.

 And then, I remembered the basement! After like 20 minutes, We had the basement set up. Niall in the bedroom hooked to mine since there's  a mini fridge, Louis and Harry in the bunk bed room and Liam and Zayn downstairs!

 After that was set up we went looking for the "Big Red Bus" because they parked it in some Ice Cream Place. so we drove to EVERY SINGLE ice cream shop til we found it.

 Everybody but Niall hopped out and drove behind me until we got home, once we did they were Up All Night (A/N: Get it?) Then Louis said, "Let's play Spin The Bottle!"


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