Is This Truly Happening?

Kloey goes to stay at her Aunt Lala's house all summer and isn't very happy but once she arrives her aunt has to leave for the whole SUMMER and once her aunt leaves her summer get a REAL kick!


12. Stop Acting So Weird!

 Kloey's POV:

 We've had him for one month now. Niall and I both agreed on James, Niall's middle name! He was a perfect little baby boy, but Niall's been acting weird, really abnormal and I don't know what to think.

 He has been coming to the flat, really late, when I ask him where he'd been he replies "out". And he hasn't been helping with the baby at all!

 I decided to dig for an answer because I was worried. When I went over to Zayn and Perrie's house, they looked horrified to see me and James. I was really close to Perrie and she usually jumps up all happy to see me, but she sat in place staring at me, like she was scared of me!

 "Okay stop acting so weird!" I nearly yelled, and I would have if James hadn't been there. "There's a reason we hate you, Kloey" Perrie replied coldly. "Whoa, Perrie What is up?" I questioned her. "We. Hate. You. Now. do you understand? "Wow whatever" I whispered as I turned my back to them.

 That night I rocked James to sleep and put him in his crib, then I waited for Niall to show up, again he was late, about 3:17 I would say.

 I questioned him right away. " Okay I'll be nice and start with where were you." He stared, slightly frightened. "Kloey really it doesn't matter, just trust me" he sputtered.

 "Okay maybe your right, but this does, Perrie and Zayn both hate me and you know me and Perrie were BFF'S but she said she hated me Niall!!" He just walked to his room, that's when James began crying, Niall peeked in then kept walking. They really need to stop acting so weird!

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