Is This Truly Happening?

Kloey goes to stay at her Aunt Lala's house all summer and isn't very happy but once she arrives her aunt has to leave for the whole SUMMER and once her aunt leaves her summer get a REAL kick!


11. It's About Time I Meet You!

 Kloey's POV:

 I woke up one morning and my stomach hurt like never before, this was NOT normal! I went to tell Niall right away, and he drove me to the hospital. The doctor asked questions that I didn't know the answer to like

1. What is your due date (I hadn't gone to the doctors once)

2. What's the gender? (again, no doctor)

3. Have you had contractions? (what the heck are those)

4. Has he moved towards the bottom of the stomach? (again with what the heck)

5. Last but not NOT least, does your baby kick every hour (how should I know I don't pay attention)


 I was scared, and I automatically didn't feel ready, until Niall reached down and kissed my stomach, I then knew I was ready to see my child.

 Before we went in the room the doctor told me I was two weeks past due! He said I wasn't having contractions because my baby wasn't ready, but my body was! But he told me I could still have the baby without any problems, but that it was up to my baby!

 "Okay, It's time" Stupid doctor thinks I don't know that, I have been screaming for almost an hour!

 About 14 hours later (Yeah pain for 14 hours, life sucks) the doctor hands me my baby, it's a boy, looks just like Niall, too! We call the boys in from the waiting room to hold our baby boy! Louis gets a punishment from Niall for screaming "I KNOW YOUR THE ONE THAT KICKED ME, AND I'M NOT HAPPY"

 Louis' funny little acts, but Niall didn't think it was funny, I could Niall would be VERY protective! We will be great parents, that's for sure!

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