Is This Truly Happening?

Kloey goes to stay at her Aunt Lala's house all summer and isn't very happy but once she arrives her aunt has to leave for the whole SUMMER and once her aunt leaves her summer get a REAL kick!


19. It Won't End!

 Kloey's POV:

Alright. I have to tell Niall today, and I just don't know how it'll go!

 Niall's POV:                                                                                                                                                I HAVE to tell Kloey today! Although I don't know how she might take it...

Harry's POV:                                                                                                                                                I think I like Kloey. No, she won't like me back because she is in love with Niall, but I get this weird feeling around her, it seems like a good weird though... maybe if I tell her she'll give me a chance. Time to talk!

Liam's POV:

  I don't think Kloey likes me. Not in a weird "out of friend zone" way but, like as a friend. I think its because of my seriousness. She likes to joke in awkward silences, but I always stare with a blank face. It is not my fault I am just extremely serious... I think I will talk to Niall about it. I don't want to tell her straight away and forward. I want it to roll out slowly. It might be better that way. I hope...

Zayn's POV:                                                                                                                                                  ALRIGHT I WANT BACK IN MY BED! I can sleep almost anywhere, but for 4 weeks now!? I sleep SO much better in my own frikken bed!


*Ok I finally did it but at 1:34

feel bad? Don't, I couldn't sleep because tomorrow I go into chemo and so I figured "Hey perfect time to give them a chapter (or 2!) so yeah be glad...-Kloey.

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