Is This Truly Happening?

Kloey goes to stay at her Aunt Lala's house all summer and isn't very happy but once she arrives her aunt has to leave for the whole SUMMER and once her aunt leaves her summer get a REAL kick!


21. Doctor? This can't be good.

 Kloey's POV:

Me and Niall have had 2 weeks alone already. The boys have spent the night once, and they left us alone at night! Life seemed pretty perfect. Until the day Niall and I broke down..


 It was a Thursday, a pretty normal day, actually. Until about 3:00 PM. We (the boys too, and James, being 11 months) were all watching Toy Story. James and Liam picked the movie! Anyways, we were 45 minutes into the trilogy and the doctors office called. I left the room so everyone wouldn't miss the escape the toys make. It was James' doctor, he'd just got his checkup last week.

"Ma'am James has, um, James has cancer. I'm so very sorry. Bring him in tomorrow and we'll see where it started and if it has spread. Thank you for your time."


 I completely broke down. I slammed the telephone on the floor and fell to the ground and screamed at the very top of my lungs.

 Niall was there as soon as I reached the floor. "Kloey, Kloey what is wrong Kloey!"  by this time he was crying himself.

 I stopped crying after 15 minutes of everyone watching me. And asking me who it was and what they said. 

 "Liam please take James to his room."

 "Okay, I I'll be right back."

 We waited patiently for Liam to come back, he sat down and I took a deep breath, and started to silently cry. "Uh mmm James, just got his checkup last week, right?"

 They all nodded impatiently. "Well that was his doctor Dr. Penn"

  Niall was holding me on his lap, who knows what things were swerving around in his head, scaring himself out of his skin.

 "Well she said that he was, um cancer positive."

 We all broke to tears at nearly the same time.

 "I have to take him to the hospital tomorrow to -deep breath- see where it started, and if its mmm spread."


 Niall's POV:

no, no, no, NO, NO not James not him why can't it be me! James has got to get through this!


Author's Note:I couldn't think of anything else! Sorry... oh well-Kloey

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