Love in a different way

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  • Published: 3 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 24 Dec 2013
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Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy comes in. Since that day she will never live the same way as usual. Two love, one story.

So this is my first Movellas and i speak french, so if i make mistakes tell me :) Should I continue? And if you want me to read your stories tell me. thanks

A Niall Horan fan fiction :) *** SEQUEL: Forever&Always


4. With James!

That was weird... I felt like we was lying. When he told me his name, I was kind of disappointed.  Why? Because it didn't ring a bell in my head. It didn't remembered me of were I had seen him. But I guess I should focus on getting to knowing him better. I remembered that I was with James at the event right now.

" Gabriella? Gabriella?'

It was James talking to me. He saw that I wasn't listening.

" Sorry I was thinking... What did you just say? " I asked him. 

" So what are you doing here?"

" Well I was trying to find something fun to do at the event, but I crane, I mean RAN in to you and now... I don't feel...I don't feel like staying shere, I mean HERE... at the even, not that I don't want to stay with you I want to... " 

Oh no!!! That happens to me ALL the time. When I have conversation with cute boys, I get all missed up in my words and my face gets all red of embarrassment.

"Ok... Maybe you want to do something with me?" He said with a hesitant Irish voice.

OMG!!! Did he just asked me to do something with HIM??? OMG!!! Ok Gabriella, come down... Ok... I will just say yes like a normal girl. COURAGE!!!

" Yes, I would love to. Like what?" 

" Well... What do you like to do? 

Oh crap... again... I don't know what normal people do when they hang out!!!

" I don't know? What do you do when you hang out? "

James was thinking for an activity to do. I'm not the only one who doesn't now what to do. Well that helps me. He finally spoke:

"Did you ever went to a amusement park? "

" No... Never..."

What the hell was a amusement park?

" Well you will LOVE it!!!  There's rides, food, music, games... "

We walked to the amusement park and purchased our tickets. James explained to me some of the rides so that I could choose the first one. He looked so happy. I could see that he liked rides. I chose the tea cups for the first ride. As we moved down the waiting line, girls were looking at James and smiling to him. I was jealous. He smiled back at them but continued talking to me about the rides that he liked and the ones that he didn't like. We finally got in the ride.

" James I'm scared..." I said to him.

" Don't worry." He said to me while holding me in his arms.

The ride started and James put his hands on the thing in the middle. That thing made the giant tea cup turn supper fast. The ride was fun. James was looking at me laughing. I was laughing to. That day was the best day of my life. We went to other rides and those were also very fun. James and I were holding hands and we were happy. We were having a great time! We played little games, had fun, laugh. James was always winning. We was so good at them! They were expensive but very fun. When you win a game they give you prizes like: teddy bears and free food. He gave them all to me ( The teddy bears). That was so nice and cute of him. At lunch time we ate hot dogs and fries. They were so good!!! We talked a bit about ourselves.

I got to know him a little better. I learned that he likes Justin Bieber, giraffes, singing, he plays guitar, he was born on September 13. We have the same age. 

James showed me other rides. We were going to do a other one but people were starting to leave. 

" OMG!!! The days went by so fast!!! " James said while looking at his watch." The park is closing in about fifteen minutes. Should we do a other one before going? "

" Yes! I love it!!! Thanks for bringing me here." I said while giving him a huge hug. 

" No problem! " He said while kissing me on the head. "I have kept the best one for the end, should we go?"

" Yes! "

We ran to the last ride holding hands. The last ride was called the walk. This ride is not like the others. You have to walk and follow the trail. People are hiding and pop out to scare you.

There was nobody in line so we went in directly. We started to walk, holding hands. Scary music was on. We continued walking and suddenly a clown popped out and screamed. We stopped walking.

" Aaaaaaah!!! " I screamed 

James was laughing. He told me before that he knew that ride by heart. He wasn't scared at all. He held my hand tighter. I told him that I wanted to go back but he took me and put me on his back. That was so cute! OMG this is defiantly the best day of my life! He ride was finished and I was still on his back. He put me down and hugged me. We walked back to my house while talking and said our goodbyes. We exchanged our numbers and he left.

I had never been to a amusement park in my life since today and I LOVED it. And I liked it even more because I was with James. I felt protected. I think I was starting to like him. We didn't kiss but we both agreed that today was a great day.

In my bed I was thinking about all the girls looking, smiling and waiving at him. That was strange.

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