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  • Published: 3 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 24 Dec 2013
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Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy comes in. Since that day she will never live the same way as usual. Two love, one story.

So this is my first Movellas and i speak french, so if i make mistakes tell me :) Should I continue? And if you want me to read your stories tell me. thanks

A Niall Horan fan fiction :) *** SEQUEL: Forever&Always


23. The concert

Gabriella's  P.O.V :

We were finish. Niall and I was just the past now. I felt bad. I felt broken. I felt heart broken. 

Today, Jasmine and I were going to past the day together. She called me right after this phone call with Niall. She told me things that made me fell better, but the only thing I wanted was him. Jasmine was nice with me and she was trying to make me laugh. She is the best friend someone could have. The day was going to be fun and painful.

One Direction was performing tonight and Jasmine wanted to see the show. She promised me that we were only going to listen to it, no talking. Jasmine was a big fan of them, but Harry was her favourite guy. She had forgotten her ex boyfriend.

Jasmine came to my house in PJ. I smiled seeing her like this. She looked so comfy so I decided to go change in PJ too. We made pop-corn and my mom baked for us brownies. Mmmm! So good! We sat on the sofa and started listening to the concert.

" Hey guys! How are you feeling tonight? Are you ready for One Direction? " A voice said.  


( Before the concert ) Niall's P.O.V :

What just happened here? She hanged up after saying" Maybe we should leave it like this... " Did she mean that were over? This could not be happening right now! Harry said that girls always forgive him when he apologizes. I now have the prove that she is not like every girl, she's better. The thing is that now she's gone. I felt like I had no more point of living. All the joy and good memories were gone. One Direction and my family was the only important thing in my life. 

I got out of the bathroom and when to see the guys still on the stage. I needed to tell them. Louis saw me and immediately new what was happening. He saw my face. He felt my pain. The girl that I was madly in love with was gone, for now. 

" Niall, I know how you feel, but it's not finish... We have our plan remember?" Zayn said to me

That is when my face lit up. Tonight every girl is going to watch this concert. I was going to say a love declaration to Gabriella in front of all the fans. This time I will get her back.    

"We know that when you fall in love, it's for real and it's important. " Harry said.

The concert:

The lads and I were beside the stage getting ready to start. We hugged ourselves and smiled.

" Hey guys! How are you feeling tonight? Are you ready for One Direction?" 

The fans started to scream and that is where we jumped on stage. We opened the concert signing: Na Na Na. I was having so much fun. I did my usual jump, like always. I loved doing that! I loved concerts because all the fan were smiling and signing our songs. 

I gave all I had, I knew she was listening to the concert on her TV. When the camera was filming me I would point my finger at the camera and smile. We finished the song and Liam talked to the fan.

"Hey guys! You're all amazing! So tonight, this concert is filmed and people at home can watch us too. Hey you guys at home! Thanks for watching. So the next song is called Gotta Be You. "

The music started and we sang. The next song was the big surprise. I would sing more than this to Gabriella. I would tell the fans our story and after tell my apologies to her. Thinking of that makes me nervous be this is the best thing to do. 

The song finished and went to go change our clothes backstage. We got back and the fans were screaming. I took my microphone and said:

" Hey everyone! I hope you like the concert so far? Well I have a story to tell you first... So... As you know ALL the gossip sites were talking about me seeing this girl, well yes I did. But I... I was a jerk. She was so special and perfect. I'm sorry Gabriella...And I want to sing this song for her. This is more than this. "




I'm broken
Do you hear me
I'm blinded
Cause you are everything I see
I'm dancing, alone
I'm praying
That your heart will just turn around

As I walk up to your door 

my eyes turn to face the floor

Cause I can’t look in the eyes and say.

When he opens his arms  

And holds you close tonight 

It just won't feel right

Cause I can't love you more than this, yeah

When he lays you down, I'm might just die inside

It just don't feel right

Cause I can't love you more than this

Can't love you more than this


And then the boys came and joined me on stage and sang the rest of the song together. They also lied to Gabriella so this was there apology. 

" Im sorry Gaby. I love you. " I said with a serious face. 

We continued the concert and I was crossing my fingers that she will come here and forgive me for what I did. 

Gabriella's P.O.V :

My mouth dropped open. I couldn't believed he did this for me. I started to get emotional. 

" Gab, I think you should forgive him. He called you, sang for you, told that he loves you in front of the entire world. Better in front of the crazy screaming fans!... He's so cute! You CAN'T find better then him! " Jasmine said to me jumping on the couch. 

I got up and yelled:

 " I LOVE HIM TOO! What should I do? "

" Let's go at the real concert and join him. You can kiss him and hug him, OMG... " She said while I got change. 

We ran out of the house and called a taxi. We screamed the address to the driver. He started driving and Jasmine and I were talking about we could get in without being seen. We were all excited and I was hoping he would take me back. I wanted to kiss him so badly. The taxi stopped and Jasmine gave him the money. We were running around the building trying to find the back door. 

" I found it! " Jasmine yelled after a while. 

I ran around trying to find her. I found her trying to convince the guard to let us go in. But he wouldn't let us in. 

" My name is Gabriella! " I yelled showing him pictures of him and me and Niall kissing. 

He told us that he was sorry and let us go in.

A girl came out of nowhere and took my arm and dragged me with her. I screamed. She pushed me on stage. OMG! I was on stage! I froze... I saw the lads signing in front of me. I saw Niall. He was so into it. So cute! The thing is, they couldn't see me. After 30 seconds fan started to point at me. Louis was the first to turn around and see me. The other guys didn't realize I was there. Louis walked in my direction and took my hand and dragged me beside Niall. I was so shocked that I didn't protested. When Niall saw me he stopped signing. He smiled and kissed passionately in front of the entire world. I gave the kiss back. I felt so relived. It felt so good. When we finished kissing the song was finished. Niall said:

" Guys this is Gabriella! Please don't be mean with her. If you love me don't be mean to her. Thanks. 

The lads and I went backstage. They changed and Niall kissed me again and told me he loved me. They went back over there to sing there last song What makes you beautiful. I saw Jasmine coming in my direction. She was smiling. She was happy for me. 

" Before you say it, YES I will present them to you." I said before she could speak. 

Everything was perfect now... I was happy.


Hey! thanks for reading! Please don't copy the songs that I put in there. It belongs to One direction so please, be nice. I'm just saying :) 

What will happen next? 

gabgiz -xxxx-

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