Love in a different way

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  • Published: 3 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 24 Dec 2013
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Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy comes in. Since that day she will never live the same way as usual. Two love, one story.

So this is my first Movellas and i speak french, so if i make mistakes tell me :) Should I continue? And if you want me to read your stories tell me. thanks

A Niall Horan fan fiction :) *** SEQUEL: Forever&Always


19. My broken heart

Niall's (James) P.O.V

I was looking Gabriella's cab going away. I was also crying. I was a jerk. I knew that I made her cry. I lied to her... I broke her heart... I was a jerk... 

The first girl that I really love was now mad at me or even worse...

I had an amazing few days with her and I don't want this to end now. She's so funny and open. She is beautiful. She even told me her big secret. She believed in me. I have to admit, everything, well almost everything that I said was true. I lied about my name and that I was in a famous boy band. But all the rest was true. I love her and I am going to get her back!I went in the car and dialled Louis's phone number. I wanted to tell him and Liam what happened. When Louis answered I started crying again. Louis put me in speak phone so that Liam could hear me talk. 

" What's happening Niall? What's wrong? " Louis said

" I... Gab left..." I said still crying.

" Oh! Fans? " Liam said questioning me " Not that I don't like them! He added.

I started the car, turned off the radio and starting driving to go home. 

" Yes, fans... A group of girl saw me and started yelling my name...It's not there fault it's mine. But I guess they made it happened. I... I lied to her! " I said

" Oh poor you... " Louis said to me feeling really sad himself." I am sure you can fix this... Gabriella will understand if you explain to her why you lied to her. Try to call her and maybe it will all perfect soon."

" Ya... Maybe... Thanks guys... I'll be home soon... Thanks again for helping me. " I said with a tear falling on my lap.


Gabriella's POV

I was in the cab crying like a baby running the same scene in my head. James lied to me. He was a superstar! Why would he lie to me? I'm not that kind of person that fangirl in front of star like these girl. Star don't like that... I feel like I have told him everything and he just lied to me all the time. The cab stopped. I paid the driver and ran home. When my mom saw me crying, she ran into my room and gave my a big hug. She held my like this saying nothing. This felt good. I didn't want to talk about it. I just wanted someone who can hold me. I fell asleep in my mothers's arms on the bed crying. She put a blanket on me and left me there. I was tired and broken hearted. I will never talk to him again. Never!

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