Love in a different way

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  • Published: 3 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 24 Dec 2013
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Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy comes in. Since that day she will never live the same way as usual. Two love, one story.

So this is my first Movellas and i speak french, so if i make mistakes tell me :) Should I continue? And if you want me to read your stories tell me. thanks

A Niall Horan fan fiction :) *** SEQUEL: Forever&Always


24. Harry, Zayn and Jasmine

Niall' s P.O.V :

The concert finished and the lads and I were very happy. I think I was the most happy of all. I had my girl back. It was the best feeling to have her with me and not having secrets to hide. I had my lesson and I will never ever lie to her again. I won't risk to loose her again.

Gabriella introduced us to her best friend Jasmine. Harry likes her. I see it in his face.  WE saw her and became all flirty. We all went in our private room where we could talk without being disturb. I sat beside my girlfriend and took her hand. 

Harry's POV :

Wow!  Jasmine was so sexy! When I saw her... Well I felt something... 

" So you guys did a pretty good job tonight! " Jasmine said with a big smile.

" We did our best like always. " I responded.

We continued talking and we drank to this perfect moment. Perrie and Eleanor came to join us after a while. We had fun and enjoyed the moment.

I talked with Jasmine and she's very interesting. She makes me laugh, and smile. She tells me about her life and asks me about mine. There's always a conversation with her. While talking I saw Gabriella looking at me and Jasmine. She looked scared and nervous. She wouldn't stop looking at us. When Jasmine went to go get a drink I walked in Gabriella's direction to talk to her. 

" Hey! " I said

" Oh! Hey! " She said looking right in my eyes " Look I am going to say it now before you ask... I know you saw me looking at you and Jasmine before went you two were talking over there. I did that because Jasmine is fragile. Her ex boyfriend cheated on her. She was so... So sad and broken. I know you like her but please be carful... "

She said it directly to me. I was happy she said it. Niall was lucky to have her. 

" Yes, I promise. " I said with a big smile. " Ok well I better get back over there or Jasmine will look for me. See you later. "

I went back over there and Jasmine was coming towards me with two glasses of alcohol. She gave me one and took a sip of her glass. We continued talking and flitting. A little...


Gabriella's P.O.V :

Niall and I were sitting on the couch having a discussion with Liam, Louis and Eleanor. Eleanor was very pretty. Her clothes, her make up, her hair, everything she was also very nice. Louis and her were so perfect together. 

Zayn left with Perrie earlier. They wanted to be alone. It has been a long time they haven't seen each other.

I looked in Jasmine's direction and saw that she was kissing Harry. I smiled. They were so cute.

 Niall got up and took my hand. He asked me to come with him. I got up and followed him. We went in a other room an he smiled.

" Ok, so I just wanted to asked you if you would go on a date, with me tomorrow. A real one this time! " He said before bursting into a laugh. 

" Yes I will go on a date with you. But before can we take a picture of ourselves and put it online to make it clear that we are together. " I asked him.

 I wanted it to be clear. Niall took his phone and we took pictures of us kissing, smiling and making funny faces. He posted them online saying: With the one I love <3 ,On top of them to make it clear. 

" Done! " He said before kissing me.

We walked back over were all the lads were. We stayed there for a while talking before saying goodbye. Niall brought me back at my house and said to me that he would pick me up tomorrow at eleven. We kissed and I went inside. 

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