Love in a different way

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  • Published: 3 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 24 Dec 2013
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Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy comes in. Since that day she will never live the same way as usual. Two love, one story.

So this is my first Movellas and i speak french, so if i make mistakes tell me :) Should I continue? And if you want me to read your stories tell me. thanks

A Niall Horan fan fiction :) *** SEQUEL: Forever&Always


21. Best friends are important!

Hey guys I know I didn't updated recently, but I have LOTS of homework and exams so I have to study and all... I hate that the story is at a point where you can't stop reading and that you have to wait. I'm sorry. I will try to write when I have time. :) Thanks for reading

gabgiz -xxx-


Gabriella's P.O.V.

I was feeling a little bit better. I was able to move again but I was always thinking about him. I thought about how much we laugh and he learned me stuff. I had his smile in my mind. I saw him everywhere! My mom and I talked about the situation. My mom is the best to bring me up. She has the best words and  examples. She explained to me that boys are complicated and that if he calls again I should talk to him. I should give him a second chance. So I decided to let him explain himself if he calls. If he calls only! I want to fix this thing. I miss him. 

The thing is: what if he doesn't want me anymore? He is a super star! He could have every girl he wants! 

The phone rang... OMG what if it is him? Ok, I will answer... I took the phone:


" Hey Gab! How are you? "

It was Jasmine... I could say I was disappointed. I wanted this to be Niall... But I still like Jasmine. You know when you have this feeling that you want to talk to this person and you don't want to be the one to make the first move? Well this is what's happening to me. 

" Hey... I am happy that you called... I have I thing that I have to tell you... It's about James...But I don't want to tell you on the phone. " 

" Ok... Well I'll come to your house."

" No... I need a computer to show you... I know it's weird but... Anyways, Do you have one?

" Yes I do. Ok well do you want to come now?" She asked.

" Yes, I will be there in a few minutes. Later! "

" Yes see you later. " Jasmine said.

I got up and ran in the kitchen where my mom was cooking dinner. I told her that I was going to Jasmine's. She nodded and gave me a big hug. Going to Jasmine's I thought about Niall, what if he calls me during I'm at Jasmine? I guess he would have to call back. I was now in Jasmine's driveway.

I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. When she answered the door, we directly ran up into her room. We closed the door because her brother was still hosting a party. The noise was bordering us. She took her laptop and gave it to me. That was when I realized that I was shaking. 

" Gab? Are you ok? Your shaking."

I was freaking out! This would be the first time that I would see pictures of the real him. Him with fans and WORST, pictures of him and me! The comments of the fans of me, rumours, etc.  What would they say? The thing is Niall could have all the girls he wants and I am afraid he doesn't love me anymore... I thought again.

" I wanted to tell you that James... my boyfriend is Niall Horan...  


" The super star, the boy in One Direction... He lied to me, I told him everything and he lied to me the hole time! " I said in a whisper. 

" OMG!!! OMG!!! She screamed again.

I started crying again and she continued screaming not hearing me crying. When she saw me she stop instantly and sat beside me holding me tight. I cried in her arms. When I stopped crying I told her the hole story. She had her mouth open the hole time still not believing it. 

She explained to me who was One Direction and who Niall was. I got to know about him a little bit more. I smiled because I just realized that the hole world could hear his amazing voice. When I had the courage I opened the laptop and google search One Direction. There was SOOOOO much pictures and websites about them. I clicked on a site and the first article was named: Is Niall dating a girl? There was  a picture of Niall and me sitting under the tree. OMG... There was so many comments under the picture saying -Who is this girl? - I will kill her if she dates him!. - Niall is mine!Do not touch him!  I began to get scared. I looked at Jasmine and she looked at me. We where both scared. 

" What I am going to do? Every girl here is going to kill me and hate me! "

" No! I will be there to protect you. Best friends our made for this. "

" Thanks" I said to her with a smile. 

We talked all day long listening to music and taking pictures. We went on a walk to go get a movie at the shop. I felt like people were looking at me but Jasmine told me that there were not. We chose the first movie of the saga twilight because we both didn't see this movie that was apparently very good. After the movie, I went back home. I went in my parent's room and asked my mom if he called (Niall). She nodded. Crap! He had called! I asked her if he had said anything else. She replied that he said that he would call tomorrow. Yes! I went to sleep thinking about him and the long day tomorrow. 

Niall's P.O.V

All day, the band was practicing for the concert. This was an important concert because it would be filmed and people would see the concert live on TV. We were all stressed and excited. We were so busy that I wasn't able to have time to call Gabriella. 

When I finally had time to tall her she wasn't at home. She had already forgotten me. She was gone. I wonder if I should call back tomorrow? Was she avoiding me?

Because I love her, I will call her back tomorrow. But the thing is that tomorrow is the big concert. Am I going to have time to call her? I took my iPhone and looked at the pictures we took together. I missed her so much. I wanted to kiss her and feel her soft hands in mine.

I also went on the web to see if the paparazzi were aggressing an other star. When I saw that every gossip site were talking about me and Gabriella, I freaked. I wonder if she saw this? I went to sleep thinking about her and the big day tomorrow. 

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