cos there's meant to be two us

This is a poem i wrote it is about a mother who is praying for her son who has had a traumatic accident to be okay


1. cos there's meant to be two of us


Cos there’s meant to be two of us

Light up Light up

Stars so bright

Your golden wonder is my only delight


Light up Light up

Bring home my boy

Come nearer Become clearer o tears of Joy


What devilish thought might hold you back

Your strong will and mighty finesse

Shattering the moon into a thousand dark pieces


Ride home ride home

Above the late clouds ghoulish glare

Float gently through the skies wispy hairs


Follow me home follow me home

Don’t leave me on my own

Cos there’s meant to be the two of us


And maybe it’s all a dream

But the doctors keep on telling me

A miracles what you’ll need


So come home my boy

Let your face light up

Let your eyes become aglow


Ride home my boy

Let your hair float gently in the wind

Let your smile remain forever.

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