Accidental Love (a one direction fanfic)

Addison had lived a pretty normal life, until her fiancé abused her. She was left in an alley and found by a boy named Harry styles. While she stays with 5 boys she finds she can love again. But what happens when she might love more then one. Will the boys get in a fight over her and never be friends again? What happens to Addy is a mystery, so read and enjoy :D


1. He left me

*Addison's POV*
He just left me there. With a broken leg, broken ribs, bleeding all over. The man I thought I loved. The man I was going to marry! I knew it, I knew he would leave me. Right when I thought I could love again I was pushed back into my hole of despair and sadness. So I just say there in the middle of the dark musk alley crying. Then I heard a voice from afar barely audible but I still tried to get up and run for fear it might be him. But when the moment I moved I winced in pain. So this is the end I thought. What a sucky life, huh? but as the voice got closer I could tell it wasn't him, so I turned my head around to witness beautiful man with emerald green eyes that sparkled, and curly brown hair that made my mouth water. He was running towards me, a look of fear in his eyes. Then everything became dizzy and all I saw was blackness.
*Harry's POV*
I was outside taking a walk at midnight because I couldn't sleep when I passed an alley and saw something in the back. I know what you're thinking, it's probably a homeless person or a murder. But curiosity overcame me and I called out to it. I heard a whimper after I said something so I started running towards it. I don't know what I was thinking, in fact I wasn't thinking because I just kept on running. then I saw her bruised, probably broken and drenched in blood. But when I saw her i thought I had seen an angel. Underneath her layer of bruises and blood there was a gorgues girl with long brown locks and nicely tanned skin. I came closer only to see her pass out. Probably from blood loss but I called an ambulance to come get her.
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