Accidental Love (a one direction fanfic)

Addison had lived a pretty normal life, until her fiancé abused her. She was left in an alley and found by a boy named Harry styles. While she stays with 5 boys she finds she can love again. But what happens when she might love more then one. Will the boys get in a fight over her and never be friends again? What happens to Addy is a mystery, so read and enjoy :D


2. A date maybe?

*still Harry's POV*
I rode in the back with her. I didn't know her name or what happened but all I wanted to do was protect her. Once we got to the hospital (which was pretty quickly) the doctors quickly rushed her into a room and ushered me to the waiting room, but not before I got a glimpse of the room number.
*Addison's POV*
I woke up in a white room. Where was I?! I went to get up but cringed at the pain in my chest. It felt like my insides were being ripped apart, I looked down to witness a cast and many, many stitches. Then it all came back to me, my fiancé, Blake, had asked me to meet him at an alley so I did and One thing lead to another and I ended up bleeding in an alley. Then someone came to help me he was beautiful. But what if I could never thank him then he walked in the room, He started walking towards me  and i embraced him in a full fledged hug. All I could get out was "thank you". I looked up into his mesmerizing green eyes and I started speaking "you saved my life, what can I do for you?"
"go on a date with me?" he said and blushed. I laughed lightly, smiled up at him and said "I would love to".
*Harry's POV*
I sat in the room for what felt like an hour until I just couldn't take it anymore I went into the room and I saw her beautiful body covered in stitches and bandages. I immediately started walking towards her and to my surprise she embraced me in a nice warm hug. Then I heard a faint "thank you" from her. Then she lifted her head and I gazed into her sparkling hazel eyes. Then she snapped me out of the trance with her voice, "you saved my life, what can I do for you?". I blushed I knew exactly what I wanted "Go on a date with me?" I asked shyly. She laughed lightly, I swear her smile could light up a room. "I would love to".
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