Girl Tomlinson

lily is louis tomlinsons cousin AND LOUIS is a little bit over protective of her and when he finds out a big secret he goes missing read on to see if they find him!!


1. one!

Name:Lily Tomlinson



This is what i wrote on my blog and a soon as i published it everyone was asking if i was related to Louis Tomlinson! Of course i didnt want it to spill incase its turns bad and i get hate messages and stuff like that so i said no im not i just ahve the same surname as him!!

My annoying but sweet older brother came bursting in and said "WE ARE GOIN ON A SUMMER HOLIDAY BUT YOUR ARNT COMING!!!"he sang

"Why?" i replied

"Beacause its an all boys one!"

so what am i doing?

"Staying with Louis and his friends for 2 weeks!!"

"Great! said sarcasticly.

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