Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


11. Weird

I wake up and see the suitcases are still here. I smile and get up. I go into the washroom and brush my teeth. I put on a striped black and blue bathing suit. I put on athletic shorts and a white t-shirt. I slip my room key in my pocket and grab the ship phone. I walk outside and knock on the boys door. Harry opens the door in his boxers and I laugh. "Hey 6 pack." He smirks and says, "Gee thanks." I can tell he's half asleep. He rubs his eyes and I walk inside. "Don't go- in..." He stretches out the 'in'. I see the boys looking around, under beds and beside couches. I chuckle at the shirtless boys. "What are you guys looking for?" I ask and Niall pops his head up. "Our suitcases." and I smile. "I wonder where they went..." I say slowly. They all pop their heads up and Liam says, "Where are they Lexie?" And I purse my lips together. Harry raises his eyebrows and says, "Lexie." I bite my lip and spin on my heel. "I will be going now.." I say quickly. I speed out the door and open my door. Harry runs and picks me up. "What the heck?!" I laugh and he puts me down. I go back into my room and set my glasses case down. I pick out my silky pajama tank top and silk bottoms. I slip into the bed and fall asleep quickly.
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