Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


7. Trouble Brewing

I wake up and look at the clock. 9 AM. 'Well,' I think to myself. 'I should have some fun before I go on stage.' I get into my bathing suit and grab my sunglasses and my case. I see about 20 text messages from the boys on my ship phone. I ignore them and walk outside. I walk to the adult pool. Nobody here. Fabulous. I put my stuff on a chair and sink into the pool. I close my eyes and put my sunglasses on. I hear somebody talking and then ripples in the water. I open my eyes and see a boy about my age. I take off my glasses and see it's my ex boyfriend. John. I put my sunglasses on quickly but he looks at me. "Lexie?" He asks, shocked. I wave and nod. "How are you here without fans?" I shrug and say, "I don't think people know me in the US." He seems to understand and he says, "You know... I missed you. I missed when we would have fun. Hide from the world and laugh. I want you back Lexie. I miss you." I hesitate and then say, "I can't." "Why not?" "I can't have a boyfriend right now." He scoots closer to me and I scoot farther away. "Come on." He whines. "Just one kiss?" "NO." I say with more power. I get ready to get out of the pool but he grabs my arm. "Your aren't going anywhere until I get that kiss." He hisses. I about scream for help when he pushes me underwater. I swim up, gasping for air. He covers my mouth and I try to get away but I can't. I hear footsteps and screams coming. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" A husky voice yells and he let's go of me. I get out of the pool shivering and scared. I feel a towel come around me and Zayn picks me up. We about round a corner to get away from him when I see John throw a punch and Harry falls to the floor.

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