Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


6. Secrets Out.

I walk to the bar I'm going to. I get a water, I don't drink alcohol. I sit down in a comfortable chair and watch the cruise director present the act. Some band called, "One Direction" Cool name. I watch as they come out. My jaw drops. Everybody claps and I just look at them. They start to sing the song I heard them sing earlier. Everybody rushes to the stage, trying to touch them. I watch Harry and he looks around the crowd. He sees me in the back. He has a solo and he stares at me, singing it. I frown and he tries to smile. I drink my water and they finally stop. They walk backstage and everybody walks back to their seats. I think to myself, 'How could they do that? Not even tell me there famous!' I must have a horrible look on my face because a bartender asks me if I'm okay. I smile and nod. He walks away and I walk backstage. Some security stop me but told them who I am. They let me go in and I see Harry. I run to him and push him against a wall, trapping him. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?" I scream. He tries to move but can't. "YOU DON'T TELL ME YOUR FAMOUS AND THEN YOU DO THAT WITHOUT TELLING ME?!?" He looks shocked and the others boys run to me. They get me off of him and I try to fight him. Niall and Zayn hold each of my arms and Liam and Louis are beside Harry. I yell things to him and he just stands there, looking at me. I keep trying to get To him but they won't let me. "Stop trying to hold me back!" I yell. They don't respond and they take me to their room. They sit me down but don't let go of me. Harry sits in front of me, trying to explain. I don't listen and I finally get out of their grip. I storm out of the room and go into my room. I change into my pajamas and I wipe my makeup off. I then cry into my pillow. I hear a knock at the door and I wipe my eyes and answer. "Hey." Zayn says. He walks in without invatation and he sits on my couch. "Harry is upset." he says calmly. I nod and say, "Well the feeling is mutual. Why didn't you guys tell me?" he looks at me and says, "I could ask the same thing." I look at him, and his eyes says he knows. "How di-" "We watched Telly. We saw you on the show." I gulp. "They know?" he nods. "I don't think now is a good time to tell you I'm performing tomorrow night?" he smiles and says, "I will tell Harry." I shake my head. "Don't! He will be mad. Don't tell them. Don't come. It will only cause hurt." he nods and gets up. "See you tomorrow?" "See you tomorrow." I respond back. He leaves and I get into my pjs. I lay down in bed, thing about what will happen tomorrow. 2 days down, 12 to go.

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