Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


15. Goofing Off And Paps

We all run to the ocean and put our stuff in a chair. Louis goes to buy a float tube and we all splash into the water. I squeal because the waters cold. Harry picks me up and carries me bridestyle deeper into the water. I realize what he's doing and I start to kick and hit him. "Stop!! Stop! Put me down!!" "If you insist..." He laughs and drops me into the water. I scream and come back up. "Your so mean!" I say and I laugh. I splash him and he spazzes out. He slips on a rock and tumbles into the water. I laugh and the other boys laugh too. Louis comes back and has a tube in his hand. "Here Lexie." He hands it to me and I thank him. I jump onto the tube and close my eyes. "This is perfect." I whisper.

i hear clicks of cameras and I open my eyes. The paperazzi. I get up, forgetting I'm in a tube, and fall into the water. "the paps." I whisper to Harry. He laughs. "So?" "So! There so annoying!" "Just forget them." Liam says as he sits on the tube. "Easy for you to say.." I mumble and try to forget them. 

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