Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


8. Getting Ready

I scream, causing people to look at me. I don't care, but I cry into Zayn's chest. He whispers in my ear, "Girl I see it in yours eyes your disappointment." I sniff and he sings the song. I close my eyes in his chest and fall asleep there. 

I wake up and look around. I'm back in their room, and I hear them in the other room. "Come on!" Zayn whines. "We can't! She said not too! You were the one that said that!" Liam yells. "Shh!! She will hear!" Zayn snaps. "Well, then it's settled. We're not going." Niall says. I can hear the disappointment in his voice. I get up and walk into their room. "There's Sleeping Beauty." Louis laughs. I sniff and ask, "Where's Harry?" and they ask, "Want to go on the AquaDuck? I heard it's SO much fun!" I ask again, "Where is Harry?" I asked little louder. Zayn bites his lip and I squint at him. "Zayn." I say sweetly. "Where is dearest Harry?" and he looks at the boys quickly. "Let's go to the pool." Liam says, trying to change the subject. But they don't know me. I get what I want. "Where. Is. HARRY?" I practictly yelled. Liam tries to calm me down. "Shhh Lexie. It's okay." He hesitates and then says, "Harry is at the doctor." I gasp. "Is he okay?!" They nod. "I'm going to visit him." I grab my coverup but Louis grabs it from me. I runs to the balcony and tests me. He puts his hand and the coverup over the railing. "I will drop it." He says, smirking. I cross my arms and say, "Don't you dare." "Try me." He says slowly. I back up, afraid he is going to drop it. "I'm getting a shower." I mumble. I walk into the huge bathroom and close the door, not bothering to lock it, knowing they won't come in. I take off my bathing suit and walk into the shower. I turn the hot water on and close my eyes. I smile and wash my hair. I finish and turn the water off. I put my hand out and grab a towel. I dry my face off and wrap the towel around me, covering myself up. I walk out and discover I don't have any clothes. I can't just go out there in a towel! I look around and decide to put my bathing suit back on. I slip it on quickly and pat my hair dry. I walk out and say, "I'm going back to my room. I'll just see Harry later." I mumble the last part. I walk to my room and unlock it. I look in my suitcase and get on jean shorts and I black polka dot tank top. I put my ship phone and key in my pocket. I heard my stomach growl and I walk outside. It was getting dark, and everybody was getting ready to eat. I go to the high railing and look out. I look at the stars and the moon. "Lovely, isn't it?" I turn to my side to see Harry. I hug him tightly and tears escape my eyes. "Harry..." I whisper. "It's okay..." He whispers back. I pull away and look at him. "No It's not!" I say. I wipe his eye, which reveals a black eye. "Why did you fight him?" I ask quietly. "No girl should be treated like that." He answers. I smile and look what he's wearing. Bathing suit shorts and a t-shirt. "Want to play basketball?" I ask. He nods and I smile. I walk to the court and walk in. A girl and a boy, both about 10 years old, come and run up to us. "Can we have your autograph!?" They squeak. I nod and Harry laughs. They give me a pencil and a notebook to sign. I sign my autograph and Harry signs his. "SCORE! 2 autographs in one day!" The little girl dances around the court, singing 'What Makes You Beautiful.' I giggle and Harry laughs too. I grab a basketball and shoot. It goes in and I smirk. "Dang! How did you learn how to play?" He asks, and he makes a three pointer. "I have time. I never thought I pop star like you would have time to play either?" He laughs and I smile. We play for a short time and I look at the time. "Shit! I gotta go!" "Why?" He asks and then seems to remember. I have a puzzled look on my face and he gives me a cheeky smile. "See you tonight? Meet me here at midnight." I whisper in his ear. He nods and I walk out. I walk back to my room and get dressed in a knee length red, sparkly dress and black flats. I curl my hair and put on red lipstick and a dab on mascara. "All ready." I whisper and I smile. I grab a bracelet I have in a small velvet box. One my dad gave me before he died. It has a L on it, for Lexie. I walk out of my room and walk to the restuarant I'm supposed to go to.

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